XMark 4 ft. Three Tier Dumbbell Rack XM-4439 Review

XMark XM-4439 4 ft. Three Tier Dumbbell Rack 

XMark 4 ft. Three Tier Dumbbell Rack XM-4439

XMark XM-4439 is a heavy duty dumbbell rack of a 4-foot length of three tiers with angled shelves that let you keep your dumbbells organized and load and unload them easily and conveniently when you’re lifting weights. You can keep a big set of 10 pairs of hex or round shaped dumbbells between 5 pounds and 50 pounds and with higher shelf lip design, dumbbells will stay in place safely but very small dumbbells may fall through. It is quite a solid and durable unit with a heavy duty steel frame that is powder-coated that makes it resistant to scratching and it will be protected from color fading and rusting. Please note that this is a stand only unit and dumbbells are not included in the package and you’re recommended to have a look at the XMark XM-3301 model dumbbells pairs and sets. Placement and height are just right, for you to get to dumbbells very easily and your floors will be protected and not be damaged thanks to its hard and solid anti-slip feet. We don’t have the information on the maximum weight capacity but one of the customers commented that they have roughly 600 pounds of weight on it without problems- is still sturdy.

XMark XM-4439 4 ft. Three Tier Dumbbell Rack

XMark XM-4439 weighs 75 pounds and measures 50 x 13 x 5 inches, so the product box is very heavy and you may need someone else’s help in assembly and you may need a good socket set as this is a hardcore heavy duty unit that is a little harder to assemble. This is designed for indoor home gym use (very solid at commercial grade with bolts, welds, and frame all heavy duty- a bit hard to find in domestic market) and best used on an even surface and although it has ski-resistant feet it will be even better to use a mat underneath so there is better protection of your carpet and is easily cleaned. Please use appropriate comfy shoes and clothing when using this rack and dumbbells to work out and don’t use it with bare feet or socks and do not let your children near it unsupervised. It can hold both rubber and non-rubber / steel dumbbells and as each one of the three tiers have front and back rail to put the dumbbells on and the angled design of the rear rail helps keep them in place and flat front rail lets you have different size dumbbells on it. Like with any workout program or using a new fitness equipment it is best to ask your health care professional, especially if you have relevant health problems or older than 35.

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