XMark Fitness VOODOO Commercial 7′ Olympic Bar Review

XMark Fitness Voodoo Commercial 7 feet Olympic Bar

XMark Fitness VOODOO Commercial 7 feet Olympic Bar, OB86 Hard Chrome

XMark Fitness VOODOO is a great quality commercial level high end Olympic bar at a mid-range price with an impressive 1500 pound weight capacity of the OB86 hard chrome sleeves and manganese phosphate shaft and much higher than average 185,000 PSI tensile strength with moderate flex, heat treated alloy steel sleeve and brass bushings, 28mm grip which is quite rare in similarly priced weight bars and a snap ring lock system to give your the best performance possible to your Olympic and weight lifting routines. With a 1500 pound weight capacity, bending or any kind of damage is highly unlikely with this bar. Black manganese phosphate is only found in very high quality commercial grade bars such as this Voodoo and it is much tougher with better protection from abrasion and corrosion, than say zinc phosphate which is lighter than manganese or black oxide- an iron oxide film, that are also materials commonly used in weight bars. The advantage of brass bushings is it feels good when you spin it by hand and will rotate about four times- the ends spin easily and conveniently.

XMark Fitness VOODOO Commercial 7 Olympic Bar, OB86 Hard Chrome

XMark Fitness Voodoo is a great high end bar with roller bearings, that looks very nice, is very well made and is comfy to lift and will improve the way you lift when you are doing dead lifts, squats, bench press or any other key lifting exercises with a more than reasonable price tag as it is reported to be better than bars that cost much more. Supplies are reported to be limited with this Voodoo bar and apaprently is a special intro offer for a short period of time only, according to the distributor. XMark brand is well known for its finest quality home and light commercial resistance or strength training products with great attention to detail and ergonomics, to use with machine or free weights, with comfy seats or solid frames such as bars, benches, racks, boxing / MMA, functional trainers, power towers and different accessories like bar and machine attachments. All of the products are offered with satisfactory warranties by XMark that stands behind these products and you are also guaranteed to get very good customer service. Overall this Voodoo bar is quite good value: Very solid construction, good looks, ease of use and functionality for your weight training sessions whether you’re an intermediate or advanced / pro olympic lifter.

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