XPH Crystal Adjustable Height Power Tower Review

XPH Crystal Adjustable Height Power Tower

XPH Adjustable Height Power Tower

XPH Crystal Power Tower is a sturdy and low priced multi-station unit for a whole body workout with adjustable height in the comfort of your home. It includes a pull-up bar, a push-up station, a vertical knee raise station and a dip station, so you can work on your shoulder and back muscles, triceps, biceps, abs- core section, chest, and leg muscles.

XPH Power Tower weighs 60.5 pounds in total and feels stable once mounted properly as it is made of strengthened steel frame that is flattened at the poles and with a very robust and solid base so there will be no wobbling. The end black solid plastic caps will protect your floors from being damaged. The user weight capacity is 350 pounds and that should cover a great majority of the adults.

The lower tube is 4mm thick and quite steady and stable, so there won’t be any problems unless you are over 350 pounds or about 160kg (350 lb. = 158 kg). You’ll find the padded anti-slip grips on each of the handles. And the armrests are nicely cushioned with the heavy-duty box style seam-stitched cushions and covered with sewn vinyl for your comfort. The dip station is good for triceps, shoulders, and chest and for overall upper body strength. The push-up station is for your shoulders, abdominals, and biceps. The pull-up station will help define your forearms and biceps.

Then there is the Vertical Knee Raise- VKR station for mainly your abdominals to help you get those six packs if you also have the healthy eating habits. As simple as the design may be, it is made up of four different sections to work on your lower and upper body. Like with all fitness equipment purchased online or at the shops you will receive it unassembled. But it should not take you long to put it together on your own or with the help of someone.

The frame is made of heavy-duty steel and there is a solid D-frame base at the bottom. This is a height adjustable unit as you may have noticed and you can easily adjust the height between 64.6 to 84.6 inches. The two dips’ handles are about 22.44 inches away from each other. The whole unit weighs 60.5 pounds and has the measurements of 30.7 x 42.5 x 84.7 inches. Each arm cushion measures 11.8 x 4.7 x 2 inches and the back cushion is 10.2 x 17.9 x 2 inches. This is a US stock and will be shipped swiftly from IL/CA.

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