XtremepowerUS PRO SPIN 40 Exercise Bike Review

XtremepowerUS PRO SPIN 40 Exercise Bike

XtremepowerUS PRO SPIN 40 Exercise Bike

Black and green XtremepowerUS 96405 Pro Spin 40 is a belt driven indoor spin bike with a sturdy construction, a simplistic yet a very modern design and a 40 lb. chrome flywheel. This large flywheel will ensure smooth, stable and comfortable riding experience. The felt brake pad resistance with micro adjustable resistance knob is very easy to use and works up to 64 pounds to flywheels.

The felt brake pad resistance with micro adjustable resistance knob is very easy to use and works up to 64 pounds to flywheels. You will be making use of different levels of challenge and difficulty. You can keep track of your exercise progress by the simple and easy to read LCD display panel in the middle and you can see the stats like speed, distance, calories and time. Please note that there are no heart rate sensors or reading on this model. The scan option shows each of these indicators one by one automatically.

It has a very sturdy and durable construction and a user weight capacity of up to 320 pounds, which would cover the great majority of adults. It is a heavy duty product with a heavy duty crank and a heavy duty steel frame and the shipping weight is 92.5 pounds with the shipped product dimensions of 42 x 22 x 44 inches. The inseam height is adjustable between 27 and 27 inches. It has a belt drive with openers running on a rubber belt and is as reliable as and smoother and quieter than the chain drive mechanisms.

The noise level is very low and you will not be distracted from the show you’re watching or the music you’re listening to. The Pro Spin 40 will make it easier and more convenient for you to have a nice and fun cardio workout in the comfort of your home, whenever you want. This is ideal for those XtremepowerUS PRO SPIN 40 Bikethat don’t have time to get to the gym regularly. You can burn fat and calories, keep in shape by strengthening and toning your lower body muscles and abdominals. But like with any exercise equipment or program, you do need to eat healthy on a regular basis.

It has an ergonomic design, with a comfy densely padded black and green sporty saddle. And the seat can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to accommodate to your height and whichever way you feel most comfortable and for less risk of injuries. The handlebars are also adjustable for your comfort. It has a fairly compact and space saving design, is not foldable but includes the transport wheels at the front which help you relocate and store it easily.

The Pro Spin 40 is not as cheap as the other XtremepowerUS model we reviewed before but has a larger flywheel, sturdier handles, and seat and a more robust frame that supports more user weight. It is more functional and reliable but there are still no extra bells and whistles that you see and may or may not need the much more expensive models. It is a well-made product that is easy to assemble and you should get lots of use out of it as long as you take decent care of it. It seems to offer very good value for the dollar.

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