YODIMAN Folding Electric 2HP Treadmill, ZN-205 Review

YODIMAN Folding Electric Treadmill, ZN-205

YODIMAN Folding Electric Treadmill Running Machine

YODIMAN ZN-205 is a folding electric treadmill with a sturdy and durable construction, and a sleek and modern design for walking, jogging and running in the comfort of your home, with a large 16-inch wide tread belt, LCD display panel and manual incline function.

Yodiman Treadmill is easy to assemble and operate, runs smoothly and quietly and is suitable for home use, not the commercial gym settings by many users every day. It is an electric treadmill that runs on AC power source. The noise levels is specified as less than 60 decibels.  There are 12 preset modes- built-in workout programs that you can choose for your different needs and to burn more calories and fat efficiently. You can jog or run at speeds between 0.5mph and 7.5mph.

There is a red safety key in the middle with a red cord that you can attach to your shirt in case your fall off or drift back. There is also an emergency stop button on the handrail for added security when you’re running and in case you can’t keep running. These 12 preset programs will help enhance your overall fitness level and health, burn calories and fat. You can adjust just the speed manually through the handles or the LCD display panel. It is always a good idea to increase or decrease the speed during your session, to burn more calories and fat, more efficiently in the same amount of time.

This modern compact treadmill will also help you strengthen and tone your muscles and build endurance. It has a compact footprint and a space saving and a conveniently foldable design. You can easily fold it and move it on its transportation wheels and store it in any part of your house, in a corner or under your bed. It measures 21.3 x 26.8 x 52 inches as folded. The modern multifunctional LCD-backlit display panel helps you track your performance progress by showing you the usual stats of calories burnt, distance traveled, current speed, time exercised and heart rate through the sensors on the right and left handles.

YODIMAN Folding Electric Treadmill

There is a smartphone/tablet deck available on this treadmill and you can just put your device on it and work out to your favorite songs or videos. You’ll also find two cup holders on both sides of the control panel where you can put your bottle or other small items. It has a very dense lawn textured tread belt that absorbs shock for comfort and less impact on your joints and knees. And the anti-slip surface will make you feel safer. The large tread belt- running surface measures 43.75 x 15.75 inches. This modern treadmill has the rated power of 550W to 750W and the voltage of 110V AC. Overall it seems to be pretty good value for the dollar.

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