Yoleny Erinnyees Hydraulic Rowing Machine Review

Yoleny Erinnyees Hydraulic Rower

Erinnyees Hydraulic Rowing Machine

Yoleny Erinnyees Hydraulic Rowing Machine is a sleek and modern full motion rower with a robust and durable construction for a total of 265lb. user weight capacity, adjustable resistance and LCD-backlit display for a decent whole body cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home or office or wherever yo uwish to use it.

Yoleny Hydraulic Rower weighs 30 pounds and measures 42.5L x 23.2W x 9.1H inches as assembled with a large 10.2″ x 14.4″ seat. Being built with good quality solid stainless steel it can carry a total of up to 265lb. user weight. It is more suitable for people that are under 6′ of height for a more comfortable rowing experience. And it would be harder for people taller than 6 feet. It is easy to assemble in under an hour by following the tools and the instructions in the package.

The materials used are stainless steel, PU leather and solid PP plastic. The large and thick PU soft cushion on the seat helps get rid of any pressure on the tailbone and will make you feel comfortable even during the longer rowing workout sessions. You also have the soft padded foam handles that give you a nice grip and very large, textured non-slip foot pedals with the straps to accommodate different sized feet, for keeping you balanced and safe when you’re rowing. The resistance or your workout intensity can be adjusted through the hydraulic lever’s tilt angle.

Erinnyees Yoleny Hydraulic Rowing Machine

The LCD-backlit digital display shows you the calories burned, time exercised, count and total count. And by letting you monitor your key workout data you’ll be able to achieve your workout goals faster. You can just use this hydraulic rower for relaxation purposes at the low resistance levels and for burning calories and fat or training your core muscles. And it is suitable for use by people at different ages and fitness levels, from beginner to advanced and with different body types.

Erinnyees Yoleny Hydraulic Rower offers you quite a realistic rowing experience with the 360-degree rotating rowing arms, letting you train your calves, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, forearm and back muscles. In a single simple workout it lets you relax or train the core muscle groups and you will end up having more energy for work or other duties in life. This hot new release hydraulic rower was first available at Amazon.com on December 1, 2021 and there aren’t many customer reviews or ratings so far, but is listed in the top 120 best seller rowing machines on the website.

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