YouTen 009 Flat Incline Decline 9 Positions Adjustable Sit Up Bench Review

YouTen 009 FID 9 Positions Adjustable Bench

YouTen Adjustable 9 Positions Incline Decline Bench

YouTen 009 is a gym standard, adjustable FID- flat, incline, decline sit-up bench with 9 different positions and an 800 lb. total capacity on its 2.75” thick heavy-duty steel frame for a total body workout. You can purchase it in black, gray or white, all at the same price on the day of this product review.

It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 22 customers and we’ll have a look at the many questions answered to have a better understanding of the product- how it performs in practice. YouTen 009 Bench weighs 38.6 pounds and measures 44.9H x (18.5-19.7)W x 19.3H inches at a 75-degree angle as assembled. The backrest can be adjusted with the auxiliary bar to 9 different angles of 90 (upright), 79, 68, 57, 46, 35, 24, 0 and -17 degrees. And the seat can be adjusted to 20, 13, 6 and 0 (flat) degrees with a single dial and there is no decline position for the seat.

You can work on your abs by using your own body weight and use free weights- dumbbells and barbells to work on your chest, shoulders, arms- triceps and biceps. You can fold it and move it easily by holding the handle behind the backrest on its transport wheels. It is a heavy-duty 800 lb. capacity ASTM rated FID bench that is built sturdy, durable and stable, that can be used with the power racks, smith machines or just the dumbbells or your body weight exercises. Both the seat and the backrest have the very dense firm foam padding covered with a good quality faux leather and solid stitching.

YouTen Adjustable 9 Positions Incline Decline Sit Up Bench

The leg hold-down bar can also be adjusted four ways for additional decline position support and stability when you work out. And there are two extra detachable handles that you see in the photos for dragon flag abs exercise. You can put it in your closet or under your bed till next time you work out. These YouTen benches are claimed to be gym standard or commercial grade with very high weight capacities and they are designed by the team in the US.

You can assemble it easily with the manual and the simple tools provided in the package. The large and small parts are nicely organized and numbered and you’ll do it easily especially if you have an adjustable wrench. Please try not to over tighten the bolts as you can damage the metal tube. The maximum total weight is listed as 661 pounds on the user manual, rather than 800. It is a great quality, comfortable, adjustable, versatile, functional, robust and durable bench that can last you many years. There is not much of a gap between the backrest and the seat, only about one or two fingers thick. It offers great value for the dollar overall. You’ll get a 30-year warranty on the heavy-duty frame and 90 days on the pad of this bench.

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