Yvonne Tsai All Inclusive Exercise Bike Review

Yvonne Tsai All Inclusive Exercise Bike

Yvonne Tsai All Inclusive Exercise Bike

Yvonne Tsai Exercise Bike is an all-inclusive upright and recumbent cardiovascular fitness equipment with a good size flywheel and plenty of resistance for a great home workout. The average rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 6 users at the moment.

You have 4 color options to choose from, including the blue, red, white or Tiffany blue. These are actually two different models of bikes with a 110-dollar difference. The cheaper 2-in-1 foldable model has the blue and red color. By being folded in half it becomes very small and will fit in your closet. The larger not-foldable spin bike has a three-piece crank set and heavy-duty bearings that let you ride smoothly. This will also help avoid any potential injuries on your muscles or joints.

The multi-purpose handlebar on this solid bike has a shape and angle that suits the different postures of the triathlon players. You can increase or decrease the resistance by turning the tension knob to the right or left. And it works as an emergency brake as you press it down, when you can’t stop by normal means. There is a good size LCD display that is easy to read and that shows the standard indicators of calories burned, distance traveled, current speed and time exercised. It has a large solid steel frame that is resistant to corrosion and has the additional protection of the liquid coating applied.

Yvonne Tsai Folding Bike looks very nice and modern with a robust gym-grade bike design. It also has an ergonomic design with the fairly large padded saddle that can be adjusted 4-ways, up and down and forward and back and the handlebar two ways- up and down. The ergonomic large seat cushion is comfortable especially over longer workout sessions. It has the spring added buffer that helps enhance the comfort during riding for a long time. Even though not a foldable bike you can move it easily on the transport wheels at the bottom front by tilting and scrolling for easy storage. You won’t need to do any heavy lifting or put strain on your muscles. This gives you the flexibility to put the bike anywhere you want at home.

There is a phone holder on both models and you can cycle when you’re listening to music or watching videos. The smaller foldable Yvonne Tsai Bike is not as heavy-duty as the other larger model but appears to be versatile, functional and user-friendly. It offers 8 real levels of resistance Yvonne Tsai Folding Exercise Bikefor different levels of difficulty for your needs and by changing the resistance during your workout you can burn calories efficiently. The small foldable bike has an X-type frame to offer better balance and even though it looks much thinner than the other one it is quite sturdy and durable at the price level.

Please note that there is no pulse rate reader or sensors on either model as far as we can tell from the product info and photos. The total user weight capacity is 220 pounds or 100kg on the small bike and around 300 pounds on the larger one. They are suitable for people of all ages and at different fitness levels, beginner, intermediate or advanced. They are easy to put together within less than an hour with the clear instructions and the tools. So if you’re stuck at home and can’t get to gym and want to stay fit during the quarantine and post-quarantine, these two bikes by Yvonne Tsai are well worth looking into. They work quietly and smoothly and you will not be disturbing your neighbors or your family during your session.

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