ZELUS Folding Electric Motorized Running Treadmill Review

ZELUS Folding Electric Motorized Running Treadmill

ZELUS Folding Treadmill Electric Motorized Running Machine

ZELUS Folding Treadmill is a modern design electric motorized model with a 750-watt power motor for walking, jogging and running in the comfort of your home. It is not designed for commercial gym use despite having a solid frame but can certainly be used by different people every day in your house.

It has a fairly minimalistic design with some modern features like the iOS and Android compatible app control, MP3 connection point, dual speakers, and cup holders. Having a foldable design you can fold it and put it against the wall or roll it on its front caster wheels to a more convenient storage spot. It measures only 52.4 x 23.2 x 22 inches as folded and there is a locking pin for locking it firmly when folded. The other pin will help support the exercise deck and keep it stable when you’re running. The anti-slip running belt is made up of five layers that help make it be more impact-resistant.

Because running, in general, can be a bit of a burden on your joints or knees as compared to some other forms of cardiovascular exercise. These layers include the compression, noise-absorbing, shock-absorbing, noise-insulation and non-skid layers. With the sturdy steel frame, it is able to offer a total user weight capacity of up to 265 pounds and make you feel safer when exercising. The built-in LED display helps you keep motivated by showing you the usual stats like distance, time, calories, speed and Scan. We can not locate any pulse rate sensors on the handles or anywhere else on this unit. There is a quick start button, fast speed keys for 3, 5, 7, 10 kph and the ability to preset the distance and time.

ZELUS Folding Treadmill Electric Motorized LCD Display

At first glance, Zelus Treadmill is a compact unit with a not a very large running belt (39.3 x 13.4 inches) but still offers adequate space for running unless you are very large. The safety handrails are not very long but they’re there to save you during an emergency. And you have the red safety key with a cord just below the LCD display that you can attach to your gym clothes so the treadmill stops immediately in case your fall or drift back.

There are four anti-slip feet that will help keep the treadmill in place and you can feel totally safe. With the Bluetooth app iFitShow that is compatible with both iOS and Android phones, you can have your training and health report. To use this app you need to scan the QR code, download the iFitShow software on your phone, turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device and open the app and start using it. There are 12 programs on this machine and different speed options between 1 and 10 km per hour and you can choose different programs or speeds depending on your fitness level or your mood on the day.

With the MP3 player connection point, you can listen to music and keep entertained and distracted so you can jog or run longer without getting bored and burn more calories and fat this way. You have two cup holders on both sides of the LED display and you can put your water or drink bottle or your small items like your phone or MP3 player in there. We do not have the warranty information on this model and please contact the seller directly on Amazon.com. With the higher user weight capacity, a decent power motor and modern features, the Zelus Electric Treadmill appears to offer the user good value for money.

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