ZINRAY Row-n-Ride Foldable Squat Machine Review

ZINRAY Row-n-Ride Foldable Squat Machine

ZINRAY Foldable Squat Machine Rower Ride

ZINRAY Row-n-Ride is a sleek and modern foldable squat machine for a full range squat assist motion at the right angle. It is a total body exercise machine that lets you burn more calories than the other regular cardiovascular machines, enhance your endurance, cardiovascular capacity and speed on your other workouts that you may be doing on a daily basis.

Zinray Foldable Rower Ride weighs 26 pounds with a maximum total user weight capacity of 220 pounds and measures 30.3 x 18 x 58 inches. It is a compact squat machine is compact with a space saving design and suitable for use in any part of your home. If you don’t have a lot of space you can also fold it easily and move it to a convenient place for storage. It is very easy to fold in a single step, without needing to take it apart completely when you’re not using it. 

It offers you a rather balanced workout targeting the different muscles of your body. The pushing action on this squat row-n-ride will activate your lower body and improve strength on your legs and make you leaner while the pulling action will help strengthen your back, arms and shoulders. After a little while of using this rower ride fitness unit you will start feeling the difference in your body. The digital LCD-backlit monitor helps you keep track of your exercise progress and stay motivated to reach your targets quicker by showing you the calories burnt, move count, total count, time exercised and scan that moves between each of these indicators. 

Both the 11.5” x 8.5” seat and the handlebars are adjustable, with the seat forward and backward and the handlebar up or down and you achieve a suitable position. This offers you a bit of flexibility and functionality as part of its user-friendly design. It has the anti-slip padding and the large textured pedals giving you a great deal of comfort. It doesn’t work on electricity and you do not need to keep itZINRAY Foldable Squat Machine Rower Ride Workout near a power outlet and you can exercise whenever and wherever you want. It has a solid and durable frame that will support up to 220 pounds of user weight and keep you stable during your session. 

It will help strengthen and tone your glutes effectively, as well as your back, shoulders and arms- triceps and biceps at the same time. It offers a low impact workout simulating the optimal squat position and reducing the risk of back injury because of improper form under the heavy weights. December 8, 2021 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is currently ranked the 65th best seller among the rowing machines on the website. The company stands behind their products and you can contact the customer service with any questions you may have and they will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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