Zoogamo 2021 Adjustable Dumbbells Barbell Set with Connecting Rod to 88Lbs, 110Lbs Review

Zoogamo 2021 Adjustable Dumbbells Weight Set 

Zoogamo 2021 Adjustable Dumbbells Set

Zoogamo 2021 is a set of adjustable dumbbells, and a connecting rod that turns the dumbbells into a barbell. You have two options for a total of 88 pounds and 110 pounds. It is an all purpose fitness equipment for a great home gym cardiovascular training. There is a 40-dollar difference between the 88lb. and 110lb. versions at the time of this product review.

You can change the weights very easily and quickly on this dumbbell set with a multifunctional design and do your basic to intermediate level workouts in the comfort of your home. With a connecting bar you transfer it from two dumbbells to a barbell. In the box you will find a connecting rod, two dumbbell bars, 4 x 1.25kg dumbbell weights, 4 x 1.5kg weights and 4 x 2kg weights and 4 anti-slip nuts. This is the patented new design that has the same price tag but with higher quality than the older version.

With an anti-slip design of the brand new PVC material it feels safe and stable during your workout. It has the fine iron powder cement mixture covered with the new PVC material for better protection. This PVC material is friendly to the environment, non-slip, resistant to wear and will not damage your floors.  You have two barbell combinations on this adjustable connecting rod for your workouts Zoogamo 2021 Adjustable Dumbbells Set 88lbs 110lbsat different intensities. It can be used for a variety of exercises including bench presses and curls. You need to adjust and tighten the nuts for the weights each time on the dumbbell bars or barbell bar as they will not stay put in place.

It is not recommended to add more weights to the ones you receive in the package, not more than the 110 pounds. This adjustable set is very easy to assemble with the tools and the instructions included in the package. It is a low cost weights set that offers good value for money. It will save you on time and money by making you not need to pay for expensive gym fees and working out in the comfort of your home or office. As it comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee they will try and help you as soon as possible. It first appeared very recently at Amazon.com on November 19, 2020 and there aren’t any customer reviews yet. You can contact the customer support team directly through their email address or your Amazon.com order page if you have any problems or queries. It is shipped quickly and you should receive it in a few days.

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