2016 Evergrow Slim Full Body Vibration Plate Review

Evergrow Slim Full Body Vibration Platform

2016 Evergrow Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Plate Exercise Fitness Machine

Evergrow Slim Vibration Platform we’re reviewing on this page is the 2016 recent release compact model with a 1.5 horsepower and 99 different speeds, that is designed to work on your whole body for both fitness, relaxation and therapy reasons. You can turn it on and off and adjust the 99 speeds via the small remote controller while standing and you can select from one of the 9 auto programs from P1 to P9 depending on what goals you’re setting to yourself. Modern vibration platforms are claimed to improve the mineral density in bones and the main reasons for using them are as they are believed to help you feel relaxed by releasing anxiety and stress in a way professional massage would and¬† burn calories and fat, help you lose weight, tone your body / muscles and enhance blood circulation in your body by incorporate different parts of your body- lower, upper and core / abdominals. And other reported benefits include increasing muscle strength and performance, helping with insomnia- promoting sleep by relaxing your body and mind, relieving fatigue, stronger metabolism, beautifying skin and helping maintain youth, rehabilitating ailments and injuries, preventing fragile bones and fragility overall but how you will benefit from it and in which ways will be totally personal and you will see how much you benefit from it after using it.

2016 Evergrow Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Plate Exercise Fitness

Evergrow Slim Vibration Platform weighs 35 pounds, maximum weight it can carry is specified as 330 pounds which means the great majority of adults and measures 27 x 14 x 6 inches- is easy to move and store being relatively compact and not too heavy. You’re given colour choices of blue, gold, black, pink, green and red apart from the white you’re seeing on this page. It is easy to install and use / operate and you can choose from different speeds and programs through the remote without having to going down to the panel on the platform. Please note that the motor is a 200 watt power one (standard US 110-120V input / 50-60Hz frequency, 0~10 mm amplitude and 2 prong US plug). Many people want to start with a vibration platform to burn fat and lose weight as they are kind of lazy or do not have the time or energy to dedicate to a regular workout at a gym. They will get better results with vibration plates if they combine it with an exercise program and a healthy eating plan but we’re not saying you will not get any results otherwise, it will just not be a matter of losing a few¬†pounds a week by spending 15 mins on it every day, you do need to make some effort too and at least live an active life and eat well, and yes it will boost your metabolism and help you lose fat and calories easier with its oscillating motion, activating around 95% of your muscles with as many as 50 contractions per second.

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