ADVENOR Magnetic Foldable Exercise Bike with Resistance Bands Review

ADVENOR Magnetic Foldable Bike w/ Resistance Bands 

ADVENOR Magnetic Foldable Stationary Bike

ADVENOR Magnetic Foldable Bike is a 2-in-1 stationary aerobic workout unit for indoor home use by men and women, with a very large seat and backrest and the arm resistance bands. It is a good quality cardiovascular fitness equipment at an affordable price.

It appeared at only very recently and there is a single customer review and a rating of 5-stars as a number one hot new release fitness equipment. The black and red Advenor Megnetic Bike weighs 45.2 pounds with a total user weight capacity of 280 pounds on its robust frame. It is a kind of 2-in-1 workout equipment that lets you work on your lower and upper body at the same time with the resistance bands included in the box.

You can adjust the magnetic resistance between the levels of 1 and 8 through the tension knob. For its relatively compact size it has an 11-inch wide nicely padded PU saddle and backrest and the upgraded broader back handles. The anti-slip textured pedals have the adjustable straps to fit different shoe sizes and to keep your feet in place. It has the improved vertical stabilizer that you see in he photo for balance and support and a solid steel frame and a triangular structure to carry up to 300 lb. of total user weight.

Please note that this can be used only in an upright position and not as a recumbent bike.  There is a smart digital display with the real-time accurate measurements of current speed, time exercised, distance traveled, calories burned, scan that moves between each indicator and heart rate through the sensors on the front handlebar. This will help you stay in your target heart rate zone and burn calories and fat more efficiently. You have a tablet/smartphone holder to let you watch workout or other videos, listen to your favorite songs and have a less boring and more fun workout.

ADVENOR Magnetic Foldable Bike

It is compact in size and foldable and portable to be moved around easily on its built-in transportation wheels for storage. And it will not require much space, as folded or unfolded. You’ll feel it working smoothly and quietly with the magnetic resistance and flywheel. It is built quite sturdy and durable, with a rust-proof and wear-resistant material and should last you a long time unless exposed to rough treatment.

It is nice to have both the front and back handlebars to hold during your workout. People between the heights of 5’1” and 6’4” can use it comfortably as long as they do not weigh more than 280 pounds. You can either sit or stand on it during your workout session just like on a spin bike. The comfortable backrest is in a fixed position and not adjustable, but you can fold it forward during storage. With the clear instructions and the tools (screwdriver and wrenches) provided you can assemble this compact bike in less than half an hour by yourself. You’ll get a warranty of 12 months for the parts and good customer support via telephone in case you have any queries or problems.

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