ANCHEER A5001 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike Review

ANCHEER A5001 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike
ANCHEER-A5001 Indoor Cycling Bike, Belt Drive

ANCHEER A5001 is a hot new release and a best seller indoor cycling bike with a 40-lb. flywheel and a belt drive. As a very popular exercise bike with an ergonomic and user-friendly design, the rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars by 108 customers which shows a great amount of customer satisfaction.

You have four options to choose from: Black color with pulse reader, silver with pulse, silver and red with no pulse and yellow with pulse. And their prices are the same at the moment of this product review. Thanks to the decent 40-pound flywheel and the belt drive, your sessions will be smoother and quieter with this new launch. You can move your leather padded seat up and down and forward and back, and the handle up and down easily, as they are both adjustable for comfort and ergonomics.

The LCD display panel that measures 3.9 x 6.3 inches lets you monitor your progress by showing you the accurate stats of time exercised, distance traveled, calories burned, current speed, scan and pulse. Scan moves between these indicators one by one every 9 seconds or so, without you having to press anything manually. You can decrease or increase the resistance level (friction resistance) via the red tension knob in the center, which can also be used as an immediate brake.

It lets you stop and start whenever you want. But as the flywheel is heavy the inertia will make the pedals to continue moving till it slows down and stops eventually. The 40 lb. flywheel has a diameter of 17.3 inches and the seat measures 9.8 x 7.9 inches. The bike is compact in size with the measurements of 42.5 x 19.3 x 44.5 inches and the total user weight capacity is 330 pounds. Shorter and taller people can use it comfortably as the seat and handles are adjustable. There is a water bottle holder in the middle so that you stay hydrated during your session but a water bottle is not included in the box.

ANCHEER-A5001 Belt Driven Bike

You can feel safe and stable on its sturdy frame and anti-slip, large and adjustable base on different grounds as there won’t be any wobbling during your session. It has the anti-slip spray paint and anti-slip steel toe-clip pedals that lock in your feet to give you better control. In the package you get the Ancheer A5001 cycling bike, user manual with the instructions and tools. A set-up video is also included for your convenience and the assembly takes around half an hour.

If you want a very intense workout the Ancheer A5001 may be ideal for you as it comes with almost unlimited resistance. As you turn up the resistance on the dial it will feel like riding uphill and you shall be burning more calories faster. It can actually offer you a tougher workout than even an outdoor bike. The way the friction resistance works is as you turn the red tension knob this will press the disk pad for more resistance. The only negative we can point out is the lack of a phone holder on this unit. It is shipped quickly, is easy to assemble, feels sturdy and durable, works smoothly and quietly without disturbing anyone, has transport wheels, the large and comfy seat and the handles are easily adjustable and is not very expensive. You’ll get a warranty of one year by the distributor and any parts will be replaced free of charge in case of non-user related problems.

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