Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike SP-3900 Spinning Bike Review

Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike SP-3900 Spinning Bike

Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike SP-3900 Ultra-quiet Fitness Spinning Bike

White, red and black Ancheer SP-3900 is a decent quality, steel alloy spinning bike for home use. It has and LCD Monitor with the usual indicators of “calories” burned, current “speed”, “distance” traveled, time, “scan” to scan through different indicators during your session, “ODOmeter” that shows the total distance traveled on this bike from the very first use and “heart rate” through the very sensitive sensors on the handles as you can see on product photos. This is kind of a heavy duty bike for home gym use and not so much for commercial settings or gyms and the solid thick steel frame can carry up to 220 pounds (100kg) of user weight with the bike itself weighing 80 pounds so you have a decent frame that feels stable without wobbling during your exercise session. It works very quietly and smoothly thanks to the efficient chain drive attached to the solid steel flywheel and you will not be bothering neighbours downstairs or people sleeping in your flat. There is the resistance knob at the front that is attached to the steel flywheel and you can turn it to adjust the tension to increase or decrease the level of challenge.

Ancheer Indoor Cycling Bike SP-3900 Fitness Spinning Bike

Both the seat and handles are adjustable (seat both vertically and horizontally) so people of different heights and sizes can use them and you can work out what is the most comfortable for your session. It comes with transport wheels at the front- pulley design and you can just roll it away easily and effortlessly for storage in a good part of your house. It has a heavy duty crank and pedals have a uniquely interesting design- look like a small cage and are anti-slip so your feet will be held tight and will not slip. A bottle holder and a steel water bottle are mentioned in product specs which we can’t see on photos and one of the customers commented that the cup holder is missing so you can’t really put your phone or small belongings. It is shipped quickly and not totally assembled so requires a bit of assembly work but it’s not too bad and even easier if you have someone helping you out. Despite the small flaws like any product, this is a great value bike for the reasonable price point concerned, does the job well, is heavy duty and sturdy, very adjustable and you will probably find yourself using it every day. There aren’t many product reviews on Amazon or other sites yet as it’s come out only recently but the average rating is 5 stars at the time of this review.

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