Aonyer Koolsen 44lb. 4-in-1 Adjustable Steel Weights Set Review

Aonyer Koolsen 44lb. Adjustable Weights Set

Aonyer Adjustable Weights Dumbbell Set, 44 lbs

Aonyer Koolsen 44lb. Adjustable Weights Set is a very compact 4-in-1 pair of dumbbells with the non-slip handles for use by both men and women at different ages and fitness levels. It is a great little home gym resistance training set for keeping fit when or if you can’t get to gym every day with your commitments or other reasons like cost and time.

The materials used on this modern Aonyer Adjustable Weights Set with an exclusive patent are alloy steel and solid ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic. So you have the 2 x 22lbs dumbbells to begin with and you can adjust these weights to 16.7lbs, 11.1lbs and 6.8lbs. You get the small electrolate steel blocks of 2.3lbs x 4 and the large blocks of 4.9lbs x 2. This means you do not need to purchase separate dumbbells that would take a lot of space in your home gym area. Each dumbbell measures 10.3 x 3.9 inches.

With the no-nut design a single dumbbell can be adjusted to the different weights quickly and easily by simply unscrewing and screwing the dumbbell block. With its compact size you can store it easily in a convenient spot in your house in an upright position. As you can probably tell from the product photos and video on product page, this adjustable dumbbells set has quite a premium look with each dumbbell cut from one piece of good quality steel. The weights are safe to use and quite solid and durable for use over a very long time.

You do not have the risk of a loose nut like on other adjustable weights set and every piece of dumbbell is locked to the next and there will not be any shaking. The non-slip handles have the foam to avoid any potential slipping, and to absorb moisture and sweat. So you can feel safe and comfortable during your workout session. 100% solid steel is used on each dumbbell and it is polished by an experienced hand 6Aonyer Adjustable Weights Dumbbell Set times for around 2 hours. And this is how you get the mirror effect that you see in the photos. You can put the non-slip rubber ring on the dumbbells easily for protecting your floors and the dumbbells. And rolling on the floor will also be prevented.

This dumbbell set with the adjustable weights help you train different parts of your body including the arms- triceps & biceps, back, core section- abdominals, pecs- chest, deltoids, shoulders, sternocleidomastoid muscle and more. So it is quite a versatile unit that will help you strengthen and tone your muscles while helping burn fat. They are also easy to use by people at different fitness levels- beginner to intermediate.  You can contact the customer service if you’re not happy with the product 100% and they will give you a refund. August 18, 2021 is the date this weights set was first available at and is currently in the list of top 100 best selling dumbbells.

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