BATTIFE Water Rowing Machine, Red Walnut Wood with Bluetooth Review

BATTIFE Red Walnut Wood Water Rower

BATTIFE Water Rowing Machine Red Walnut Wood

BATTIFE Water Rower with Bluetooth is a sturdy and durable cardiovascular fitness machine that is made of red walnut wood and designed for indoor home gym use. It has a current satisfaction score of 4.3 out of 5 stars by 23 users on the day of this post release.

It is a sleek and modern, wooden rowing machine with the pretty curves. With a beautiful design overall it will fit nicely with your decor and furniture in the house. This is a high end wooden rowing machine with a premium look and feel of the real red walnut wood. It is not made of the laminate materials like some other models on the market. The real wood on this rower can have natural grains and the color may look slightly different in the flesh than the photo.

There is a smart high performance Bluetooth LCD display with the usual rowing stats of distance rowed, time exercised, strokes, intensity, SPM- strokes per minute, total calories and the average calories burnt per hour. You can also follow your stats on your phone thanks to the Bluetooth functionality. With this solid rowing machine you can work on your whole body, not just your back, burn calories and fat, lose weight and tone your muscles. It offers a nice low impact workout that will not burden your joints.

It lets you have a decent cardiovascular workout with the infinite levels of water resistance and a great soothing and relaxing experience. There is no need for lubricating this rower with the water resistance or worry about making any noise. It has a soft, large and comfy seat and a padded handle that offers a nice grip over longer sessions. The seat slides smoothly on the metal track for an efficient workout. You’ll get a nice fat burning cardiovascular workout at the low resistance and a proper muscle strengthening resistance training at the high water resistance levels.

BATTIFE Water Rowing Machine LCD Display

Battife Water Rowing Machine weighs 60.8 pounds, has a 280 lb. total weight capacity and measures 82.7 x 22.4 x 20 inches. You can roll it on its transportation wheels at the bottom and store it easily by standing against a wall in your room. It is easy to put together with the tools and the instructions included within an hour or so. This great rowing machine will help increase your heart rate to burn calories efficiently and target all major muscles.

It is exactly the same as the Water Rower and made of real wood, not laminated like the cheap rowers. Battife Water Rower is a very good quality machine that looks beautiful and functions very well, smoothly and quietly. It offers you a realistic outdoor rowing workout with the special shape and design and the water sound you hear from the water tank each time you pull the handle. The warranty offered is one year limited by the Just Rowing Company for repairs or replacement. You can also purchase extra warranty of 3 years for all components and 5 years for the structural frame. Please note that you can return the rower in case of a problem like defects or if you don’t like it. But if your reason for the return is just that you don’t like it, you will need to pay for a repackaging fee. They will deduct a 10% from your refund and also the return shipping cost.

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