Bionic Body Mini Under-Desk Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Stepper with Resistance Tubes, NS-1009 Review

Bionic Body Mini Under-Desk Elliptical Trainer Stepper

Bionic Body Magnetic Tension Under-Desk Elliptical

Bionic Body NS-1009 is an under-desk elliptical trainer, a mini stepper with the resistance tubes included in the package. The current average customer rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars by 134 customers at the moment. And it first became available at on May 30, 2017.

As it is offered as an All-in-One multifunctional elliptical equipment you will not need to change between different fitness equipment. And you can train your lower and upper body at the same time by using the resistance tubes provided for your upper body. You have an under-desk trainer when you’re getting your work done at your desk in the office or a regular stepper or a mini elliptical trainer with the tubes for the shoulders, chest, triceps and biceps.

There is a resistance lever that you see see in the photo, that you can turn up and down to adjust the level of challenge or difficulty to whatever you may need at the time. This is also good for what people at different fitness levels can handle and for you to do a simple cardio workout for calorie and fat burning at lower resistance levels and/or tone your muscles at the higher levels of resistance. It offers a comfortable platform for efficient, low-impact workouts by reducing the chances of damage to your joints, knees or ankles.

Bionic Body Mini Elliptical weighs 37 pounds and measures 25 x 21 x 12 inches. You can use it on hardwood floors and will not really move around. It is lightweight and compact in size with a small footprint and can be relocated easily for storage in a convenient place. You can work out in both sitting and standing positions on this compact, heavy-duty stepper with a total user weight capacity of 300 pounds. It has the large, robust anti-slip pedals that offer great support for your feet and a good amount of space for you to find the right position for your feet and body.

Bionic Body Magnetic Tension Under-Desk Elliptical TrainerPlease note that it turns into a stepper in the reverse position and as you stand up. The resistance tubes that you get for working on your upper body have the foam handles to make you feel comfortable. This way you’ll get a whole body workout that gets your upper body and core section involved while training your leg muscles and in half the time. You can pedal in both directions, forward and backward smoothly and quietly, and it is suitable for office use.

There is a small functional LCD display that shows the simple workout indicators you’ll need like your total strides, strides per minute, calories burned and time exercised. You’ll need a AAA battery for this LCD monitor. This special stepper elliptical is designed by the celebrity trainer Kim Lyons that appeared in “The Biggest Loser” show on NBC and Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge. Once you order this mini elliptical and stepper it will be shipped via within 24 hours. It comes with a warranty of two years by the manufacturer, that covers parts and not labor. It is shipped mostly assembled except for the stabilizer base and the pedals.

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