Centr Multifunctional Cable Machine, Centr1 Home Gym Functional Trainer Review

Centr Multifunctional Cable Machine Centr1 Home Gym Functional Trainer

Centr1 Home Gym Functional Trainer - Multifunctional Cable Machine

The Centr1 Home Gym Functional Trainer, along with the Centr2 and Centr3 models, available on Amazon.com, offers an innovative option for resistance training enthusiasts. The Centr1 Functional Trainer promises a full-body workout in small form. We’ll look into its features, specifications, pricing, feedback from customers, and overall experience in this product review.

A complete at-home workout experience can be achieved with the Centr1 Home Gym Functional Trainer, which is more than just a piece of exercise equipment. The Centr1, Centr2, and Centr3 versions of this CENTR-manufactured system are designed to meet a range of fitness requirements. The Centr1 model, a small powerhouse intended for consumers with limited space, will be our main focus here.

Key Features:

  1. Versatility and Compact Design: The Centr1 Functional Trainer is a game-changer in the home fitness arena. Measuring 81.5” H x 51” W x 62” L and weighing 312 lbs, it provides an impressive 160-lb weight stack and two adjustable pulleys, delivering superior resistance training in a surprisingly small footprint.
  2. Smooth-Glide Pulley System: The frictionless pulley action allows for smooth transitions between exercises. The Centr1 Functional Trainer’s 33 adjustable positions let customers customize their workouts and guarantee a smooth, effective session every time.
  3. Extensive Adjustability: With 33 vertical positions and 5 radial adjustments at each location, the twin adjustable radial swivel pulley arms provide an amazing 165 adjustments. This degree of personalization guarantees a full-body workout that is effective and tailored to the fitness levels of the users.
  4. Legacy of Quality Equipment: Constructed over two decades by the esteemed Inspire Fitness team, which is now a part of Centr, the Centr1 Functional Trainer offers robustness and durability, guaranteeing a long-lasting investment in your fitness adventure.
  5. Inclusive Digital Membership: Acquiring the Centr1 Functional Trainer entitles you to a 3-month Centr Digital Membership as an extra benefit. With a focus on movement, food, and mindfulness, Chris Hemsworth’s team of professionals has created tailored training programs that are accessible to users of this membership. The program offers a holistic approach to fitness.

Technical Specs:

Centr1 Multifunctional Cable Machine Home Gym

  • Weight Stack: 160 lb
  • Frame: Heavy-duty steel, powder-coated matte black finish
  • Pulleys: 33 vertical positions with laser-cut numbers
  • Radial Arms: Five adjustment settings are available for both of the radial swivel pulley arms.
  • Max User Load/Weight: 300 lbs
  • Built-In Storage: Integrated water bottle and accessory storage
  • Dimensions: 81.5”H x 51”W x 62”L
  • Weight: 312 lbs

Customer Feedback:

One of the users emphasizes how the Centr1 Functional Trainer works with low ceilings and gives good marks for its well-made construction and simplicity of assembly. One customer, however, disliked that there were no instructions included and that using the Centr app required a subscription to receive guidance.

On the other hand, a customer gave the device high marks for its affordability, flexibility, and robust design. Because there were some small issues with the included handbook, it was suggested that you look up assembly instructions online at places like YouTube.

Other customers were pleased with the product’s versatility, small size, and capacity to accommodate various exercise regimens in restricted spaces. Positive comments emphasized how long-lasting, flexible, and all-around successful it is at providing a full-body workout.


All things considered, the Centr Home Gym Functional Trainer—particularly the Centr1 model—remains highly flexible, small, and powerful home training equipment. Although a few users encountered difficulties with the machine’s initial setup and instructions, most praise its functionality, robustness, and the range of exercises it allows. This home gym system is a worthwhile investment for individuals looking for a complete and customizable exercise experience in the comfort of their own homes because it comes with a 3-month Centr Digital Membership, which adds great value to the package.

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