CFF Pro Series Flat Incline Decline Bench Review

CFF Pro Series Flat Incline Decline Bench via Amazon

CFF Pro Series Flat Incline Decline Bench

Black pads and silver frame CFF Pro Series 9069 CFF-FID is a flat incline decline workout bench to use with free weights for a variety of exercises for different body parts. It has three sections with comfy 2.25 inch upholstered pads- head, body and seat (seat pad can be adjusted in three different positions). There is a convenient integrated turning handle and resistant and durable nylon wheels at back end for easy movement and transport so you can put it where you need it to be.

CFF Pro Series 9069 CFF-FID is very simple to adjust, between -10 and 80 degrees with the chrome pop pin that you just pull and adjust effortlessly and conveniently. It is very easy to put together with two bolts at the rear and you should be up and running in a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes and often much less. It has wide stance and stabilising rubber foot pads so it won’t move around underneath you and these let it adjust slightly on uneven surfaces. Please note that the specified 1000 pounds capacity is the total for user and weights included. CFF Pro Series FID is a durable, great quality, comfortable, good looking (with black pads and silver frame) and functional exercise bench that can be used for a variety of abdominal, barbell and dumbbell workouts. You can do decline bench press on this unit and as you may be aware the decline bench is proven to induce the greatest amount of electrical muscle activity.

CFF Pro Series FID Flat Incline Decline Bench

The flexibility of shoulder will not be interrupting your decline bench press and you will have much better motion range when you are doing your pec muscles. On the decline bench press deltoids will be used at a minimum and your chest will be ahead of them so you will be getting a nice and full lower chest workout without getting too much of your shoulders involved. Due to the flexibility offered by a bench that can be used as flat, decline or incline by changing the angles you’ll be able to incorporate a wider range of exercises into your workouts. Changing the angle of the bench also means changing your body position and the weights you lift will affect your muscles in different ways and we can’t say any of the angles is better than others as you will benefit from each one of them differently and by using the all three- incline, decline and flat, your muscles will be a lot less likely to hit a plateau. In short, this is a great product at a fair price for its quality.

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