Concept2 SkiErg with PM5, 2715-US Review

Concept2 SkiErg 2715-US with PM5


The second generation Concept2 SkiErg does not offer just a simple Nordic ski function but a great range of movements that you can perform and it will add some decent variety to your workout. You will be building stamina, endurance and strength with the poling movements.

The classic alternating arm and double pole techniques are essential for Nordic skiing, which is great news for those that do CrossFit. This is actually one hell of a workout, working on your shoulders, arms- biceps, triceps, abdominals and different leg muscles, as simple as it may seem. You will be burning some serious calories and fat and seems to offer the right way to have six pack abs quicker, as long as you’re eating well.

In the box, you will get the Concept2 SkiErg, performance monitor and a quick start guide, the product guide, tools and illustrated instructions for assembly which can take up to an hour with proper sockets and wrenches. It is designed to be able to mount to a wall and the hardware is included and you can purchase the floor stand that you see on the photos separately. The floor stand may be extra but will save you money and time by not damaging your wall. It has a durable aluminium frame with a powder-coated finish, weighs 46 pounds  (sent in a heavy box), measures 20.5 x 16 x 83.5 inches.

It takes up very small space with its upright design and has a convenient stand-alone design and is easy to relocate and store.  It works smoothly and relatively quietly with the very strong drive cords each time you pull both of the strapless ergonomic handles with comfy and safe grip. You will feel how well the flywheel responds and will be in total control of the airflow that goes into the flywheel. You may be familiar with the Concept2 indoor rowers that have been around for more than three and a half decades and their high-quality digital monitoring and flywheels, Concept2 SkiErg uses exactly the same flywheel and advanced electronic monitoring.


This is a great versatile fitness tool that will appeal to a variety of beginners that just want a solid workout, skiing enthusiasts or professional athletes, motocross racers, cross-skiers to work on their poling abilities. You will get quick and precise information on your performance so you can monitor your progress when you’re trying to achieve your fitness goals.

It has quite an advanced LCD panel tracking system that separates it from competitors, it can look complicated but is actually quite simple to use and seems to be very precise and useful. The LCD display that comes on and illuminates automatically when you begin your session, shows the usual indicators of calories, speed, pace, distance, and watts, include great functions like different language options, preset workouts and games.

You can even transfer your performance data to your computer (Windows or Apple) using a USB flash drive. It allows machine-to-machine racing and easy connection to smartphones and computers and has Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ for great heart rate monitors. As a high-end product, it comes with a two-year limited or five-year warranty. And overall this is a great quality, very stable and durable product that is easy to assemble and use, that occupies little space once assembled and that offers some seriously challenging workout for upper and lower body and core section.

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