Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench- Stand Yoga Chair Review

Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench- Stand Yoga Chair

Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench

Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench is a modern stand yoga chair for use by any adults in your house, in the home gym area, anywhere in your house, yoga studio, office or outdoors. It is actually offered as the Amazon’s Choice for “feet up inversion trainer”.

This stand yoga chair is rated an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 140 customers as an indication of a good deal of customer satisfaction. It is quite sturdy and durable, made of solid beech wood and with PU leather padding. You can purchase it in black, red, blue or white and all at the price on the day of this product review. It is designed to relieve fatigue after a long day at work and can help build and strengthen your body.

You can use it for relieving the daily worries and stress, it helps with better blood circulation and enhanced blood supply to your head. Five minutes of inverting is claimed to be equal to two hours’ sleep. This inversion stool has an ergonomic and modern design and you use your arms to gain support for your whole body from conventional handstand. It supports the weight through the shoulder and the handstand becomes easier.

This stand yoga chair is easy to carry around with its simple design and structure and has become quite popular with the beginner yoga practicers. Sturdy wood materials used on the frame are friendly to the environment, much more than the steel frame and this frame is resistant to a great deal of pressure. You will feel very comfortable with the very dense PU leather covered sponge cushion. when you invert- go upside down. You can do a variety of yoga poses, using your legs, hips and back.

When you’re resting you can use this multi-purpose stool as a sofa. Or it can even be a shoe replacement stool. The Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench is built sturdy, robust, adjustable and has a rather small footprint for the set of features it offers and will hardly Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench Stand Yogatake up any space in your room. The width of this headstand bench is adjustable to give you a bit of flexibility of using several bars.

It weighs 10.14 pounds, has a maximum user weight capacity of 330 pounds on its very sturdy frame and measures 24.5 x 15 x 15.4 inches. You can set it up easily with the tools and the clear instructions.  It can help relax your bones, back and neck, strengthen and shape your body, promote sleep, keep you healthy overall. But please read the instructions on the product page and manual before use and the security warnings.

Do not do the headstand for two hours after meals or drinking. Use wall protection or have someone helping you out the first time you do it. If you ever feel uncomfortable please stop immediately. If you think you may have relevant health conditions, like heart complications or hypertension please consult your health care provider. The Desire Life Yoga Headstand Bench is offered with a generous five-year warranty by the manufacturer. It is built so sturdy that if anything happened to it within the first two years it will get replaced with a brand new yoga bench. It is not cheap but still has a more attractive price tag than the competitive models. Overall it offers very decent value for the dollar.

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