Dlx HD Flat Incline Shoulder Power Rack FID Bench Review

Dlx HD FID Bench, 17″ High and 900lbs Capacity

Dlx HD Flat Incline Shoulder Power Rack FID Bench 17 inch High 900 lb Cap

Dlx HD is a heavy duty, solid, sturdy and well built 17 inch Flat Incline Decline- FID shoulder bench with a brand new improved design, a 900 pound capacity that can be used with dumbbells, crossfit workouts and rack. As a solid great quality commercial grade workout bench it is designed to take your home gym workout to a new level. It is low enough at just 17 inch high from floor to top of front pad as a flat bench and includes 5 incline angles, flat and decline as well and you can also do military press / vertical shoulder press on it. As a very durable workout bench with 2 x 3 inch and 2 x 2 inch stainless steel frame, it can carry a maximum of 900 pounds of total weight- including the user and weights in both incline and flat positions and 400 pounds in decline position. It is not sent fully assembled and you can easily put it together in half an hour to an hour and less if there is someone helping you, weighs 74 pounds (with an 84 pound shipping weight) which is quite a bit, but can be carried around easily from room to room with its handle that is easily lifted and on its transport wheels that enable easy movement.

Dlx HD Flat Incline Decline FID Bench 17 inch High 900 lb Cap

Dlx HD FID Bench looks good in matte black colour and is painted nicely- better than previous models, has quite an ergonomic and comfortable design with very little space between the seat and backrest, easily adjustable seat (3 adjustments) and backrest and leg holder that can also be adjusted easily, 2.75 inch thick seat pad that is also comfy to sit on during longer workouts- long thick padding that ensures decent support for your back and buttocks. This looks and feels like a high end bench with great quality, construction and functionality at a reasonable price. You can use it for a variety of barbell and dumbbell exercises as well as ab an kettle work in flat, incline and decline positions (and it doesn’t decline that much), is suitable for use with a squat rack or power rack and more. Rollers are comfortable for your legs and the bolts are heavy duty for stability. As the frame at the front will hit the upper tab when at decline, you may just want to use the decline position for lighter weight lifting or to work on your core or abdominals and keep the leg holder attachment on, and remove it when you’re doing incline / flat or shoulder exercises. This is a very good quality, solid and functional bench at a fair price.

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