Doufit Folding Stepper Workout Machine, ST-01 Review

Doufit Folding Workout Stepper, ST-01

Doufit Folding Stepper Workout Machine, ST-01

Doufit ST-01 is a stepper cardiovascular workout machine with a foldable design, a smart LCD digital display, handle bars and resistance bands for home use. The average rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 3 users on the day of this page as a very recent release product.

The small smart LCD display tracks the standard stats of time exercised, calories burned, count (number of steps during the exercise session), step per minute (frequency) and Scan. So that you can monitor your workout progress, let it be smarter and more efficient for you to achieve what you want to achieve quicker.

The brand new release Doufit Stepper has a great ergonomic design that keeps your body angled- tilted forward to give you that realistic feeling of hill climbing in a very comfy and natural posture. The thickness of the four foot shells can be adjusted- changed to keep the stepping machine stable on uneven grounds. It has a hydraulic rods- resistance system and the detachable resistance bands to exercise your body better and give you more challenge during your stepping or hill climbing session. The resistance can be adjusted through the tension knob at the front.

Your major and minor deeper muscles in your whole body will be worked thoroughly without a big burden or pressure on your joints, bones, ankles or knees, with reduce chance of injuries. The height is adjustable through the adjustable height lever to be able to accommodate users of different heights. You can feel safe and stable on it during your exercise session with its study frame, wide textured pedals and anti-slip handle bar to help reduce the risk of slipping or falling down. The very dense foam handle bar feels comfortable and safe during your workout. It has a foldable design with a collapsible frame and can be moved around easily for relocation and storage purposes.

DouFit Stepper can be especially good for those that don’t have the time or money to spend on gym memberships. It will help them burn calories, lose weight, strengthen and tone your lower body, abdominals and upper body in a lower impact workout. You and anyone in your family can use it comfortably. It has a total maximum user weight capacity- load bearing of roughly 110kg or 243 pounds, weighs only 21.4 pounds and measures 19.7 x 15 x Doufit Folding Stepper Workout Machine, ST-01 Digital Monitor(39.5 – 46.5) inches. And as folded it will measure 27.6 x 15 x 5.2 inches. You should be able to fit it under a bed as it is only 5.2 inches tall as folded. And the pedals are 13.8 inches long.

In the package you’ll get the DouFit Stepper, two resistance bands and the user guide. The silent transmission pulley helps with a higher power transfer of your feet to the pedal on the opposite side without making any noise. The shock absorption pads on the plates offer a decent buffer to decrease both the impact and the noise. A lithium metal battery is needed and included for the smart display. The assembly is easy enough as you just unfold the stepper and screw only the three bolts, assemble the digital display and the two resistance bands as shown in the photos on the Amazon product page. It is built sturdy and durable, conveniently foldable, easy to put together, has a bright easy to read display, has the adjustable height and more at a very reasonable price.

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