DOYCE 88lb. Adjustable Dumbbells Set with Connecting Rod Review

DOYCE 88lb. Adjustable Dumbbells Set

DOYCE 88 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbells Set

DOYCE 88 Pounds Adjustable Dumbbells Set has a multi-purpose design and is made up of free weights and a connecting rod to conveniently turn the dumbbells into a barbell. The average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars by two users at the moment as a recently released weights set. It first appeared at on November 30, 2020.

You have three color options of A- blue, B- yellow and C- red at the moment with small price differences that you can view at You can use this versatile, functional and adjustable weights set for a variety of dumbbell and barbell exercises in the comfort of your home. It will not replace going to the gym and using tens of different machines or heavier weights, but will work well when you’re having a break from gym especially during the Covid days.

It is suitable for beginners or intermediate trainers and could also make a good part of your home gym if you’re an advanced lifter with other equipment at home. It has the anti-rolling design and the special embossing on the weights will stop the dumbbells from rolling. It has the high temperature resistance and will not age easily. You’re not limited to just using dumbbells like on some other adjustable weights sets and with the connecting rod you can easily switch to a barbell and do your squats to work on your whole body including your legs and buttocks.

Doyce 88lb. Dumbbells Set will offer you a great resistance training session, better than many other options on the market. You have the foam cover on the connecting rod for a comfy grip and the anti-slip rubber coating on the dumbbell handles. This weights set can also be used in your DOYCE 88 Pounds Dumbbells anti loose 2nd lockcardiovascular workout to help burn more calories than without weights. You can use it to train, strengthen and tone your biceps, triceps, abs, glutes, buttocks, quads, knees, shoulders, chest, back and more.

It is suitable for use by different members of your family. You have a total of 88 pounds of weights in this set, which is equal to 40kg (8 x 3kg, 4 x 2kg, 4 x 1.25kg, 2 x 0.5kg barbell bars + the rod weight). The counterweight has the rubber cover to be able to prevent damage to your floor. You’ll get a free gift of two wristbands and anti-slip gloves. Both the dumbbell rod and the barbell rod are 50cm (20 inches) long. It is shipped relatively quickly from a warehouse within the US. And customer service can be contacted through your order page or their email address within 24 hours.

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