EGOFIT WALKPAD Smart Under Desk Portable Walking Treadmill Review

EGOFIT WALKPAD Smart Under Desk Walking Treadmill


EGOFIT WALKPAD is a walking treadmill with a 2HP max power and without handrails that can be used at home and office (or home office) as an independent walking, jogging unit or as an under desk treadmill. It first appeared at on November 20, 2020.

You can reach your exercise goals easily and without being aware, as you use it while working at your desk all day long. And you will not need to dedicate additional time for going to gym or working out at home. You will get a relief from things like headache, neck or wrist pain or other complications due to being sedentary all day long. It is small and compact in size with a space saving design and will not take up much space and is perfect for use with a standing desk. You can control the Walkpad easily through the mobile Fitshow app that you can download or IR remote control.

EgoFit Walkpad is compact and lightweight, shipped fully assembled (100% pre-assembled) and you don’t need to do any assembly work. The total maximum user weight capacity is 220.5 pounds or 100kg on the Walkpad that weighs 50.7 pounds with the measurements of 49.2 x 21.6 x 5.5 inches and an exercise surface of 15.7 x 35.4 inches. The LCD-backlit tracking monitor shows you the time exercised, calories burned, current speed and steps. The maximum power on this treadmill is 2HP and you can walk or jog at the speeds between 0.62 and 3.1mph (1 to 5kph).

If you sit and work, type, watch TV etc. you’ll burn around 80 calories per hour on average and if you’re walking it will be like 210 calories. But this will depend on your weight etc. You can use it when typing, reading, talking on the phone or just focusing on your walking and jogging. It runs very quietly at a noise level of less than 50 decibels without disturbing you when you’re working or other people in the office or house. It is easy to maintain with the auto lubrication as you inject the lubricant provided in Egofit Walkpad Under Deskthe box. It is compact and easy to transport on its maneuverable wheels and store it against a wall or under your bed or sofa. It is a flat treadmill without any incline options and would work for you if you want a flat treadmill.

It has an RF wireless remote with fast response and omnidirectional sensation and you have the app control. There is no automatic shut-off function on this treadmill as it can confuse some users as they may think it is broken. You simply turn it off by using the Fitshow app, remote controller or by the switch. If you’re careful when you’re lubricating the treadmill you won’t get any leaking on the floor. Use of a mat is not compulsory but you can certainly put one underneath this treadmill. But this is not for protecting your floors from any leaking or fluids as that won’t be likely. You can also put this treadmill on a carpet and it will work fine. It comes with a year of warranty and you may contact them in case you encounter any problems or have any queries. It is a solid, good quality treadmill that requires no installation and runs smoothly and quietly, that is easy to control via an app or remote control.

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