ElliptiGO Arc Outdoor Elliptical Bike Review

ElliptiGO Arc Outdoor Elliptical Bike via Amazon

ElliptiGO Arc Outdoor Elliptical Bike

ElliptiGO Arc is a very recent release, entry level, very cool looking and feeling outdoor elliptical bike to bring your workout a new dimension with its smooth and compact elliptical stride and unique “stand up” pedalling position that helps remove seat pain and without putting any pressure on your back and neck and offers you that great fun factor of beautiful feeling of running in the air. It is almost like a cross between a typical elliptical exercise machine and a bike and you may think why you should choose this to a regular bike and if you prefer sitting down etc. and if it feels more secure that way, the first reason is this one burns 33% more calories than a bike and you can work out shorter to get the same results as a bike and with also its eight gears (Shimano 8-speed derailleur hub) it offers a great low impact workout that will be no burden to your joints and because it goes a bit slower than a bike if you’re riding with your children you don’t have to keep slowing down like you may on a bike. It is suitable for older and younger people, regular riders to advanced athletes. The price may look a bit high at first to those that don’t know these units but this is actually currently the lowest cost elliptical bike out there and the lightest in weight (weighs 37 pounds) as well if that matters to you.

ElliptiGO Arc Outdoor Elliptical Bicycle

ElliptiGO Arc is very durable with a robust aluminium frame (tubing and build quality is very solid) and has a sleek design with two colour choices of black and green. You can sprint at a speed of more than 20 miles per hour on a flat terrain with an average speed of 10 to 15  miles per hour, will be able to climb the steep hills up to 20-30% grade and cruise easily and comfortably and this is probably a good feature for those that stay in a lot and may be this will get them out more often rather than staying in a fixed spot as they can discover new places while exercising. It has the telescopic steering column with height adjustment on handle bars and adjustable foot positioning for the comfort of your feet as they won’t have to be locked in and as the steering column is detachable you can simply remove it for easy transportation of the bike (it is 72 inch long with a wheelbase of 52.6 inches). There will be saddle pain and is good as a cross training unit for professional runners without the impact of running and can also be considered as a rehab tool if they had an injury (if you are prone to injuries, you can continue staying in your running shape thanks to the zero impact workout). It feels like a great cardiovascular workout with your leg muscles feeling the effects of workout and also your core and upper body feeling stronger- it really feels good and can be used by any athlete of any sport to develop strength and cardiovascular capability. Highly recommended!

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