Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance Inversion Table (2500) Review

Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance Inversion Table

Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance 2500 Inversion Table

Fitness Reality 790XLT (2500) is a brand new design high endurance inversion table with a comfy and detachable lumbar support for great lower back support. It is offered at an affordable price, will usually be shipped within two to three days via Amazon and includes a year of limited warranty if you encounter any problems within the first twelve months.

It is a UL (Underwriter Laboratories) Safety Certified and perfectly safe product to use with a super strong heavy duty oval steel frame that also indicates durability. The steel frame has the powder coated finish that is scratch resistant. It supports up to 300 pounds of total user weight and you will experience no shaking, wobbling or instability when you’re inverting. The floor stabilizers will help prevent any unwanted movements or sliding during your session.

Inversion therapy is a nice way to decrease stress and strain on your back by releasing pressure on ligaments and vertebrae discs and helps improve circulation of blood in your body, provide muscle relief, enhance body flexibility and athletic performance. It will also help relax your body overall and decrease fatigue. If you’re one of the millions of people that sit all day in the office, you will start feeling relief in a short period of time even if you use it for just five to ten minutes a day.

You can conveniently adjust the height between 4’10” and to 6’6”. It offers fully vertical inversion at up to 180 degrees and you can return to your original upright position easily with the full loop foam covered very long safety Fitness Reality 790XLT High Endurance Inversion Tablehandles. The ankle cushions are ergonomically designed to keep your ankles safe and secure, also with the help of the extended handles. Your back and head will feel totally comfortable during inversion thanks to the one-inch thick dual stitched soft foam backrest covered with vinyl.

Fitness Reality 790XLT Inversion Table weighs 57 pounds and measures 49 x 32 x 57 inches. It has a foldable design for easy relocation and storage after you’re done with your daily session. Please start using this inversion table by adjusting the height bar to your height so you feel comfy for the unit to operate properly for your height and body size. You also want to adjust the tether straps’ length to suit the inversion angle and your body.

You can begin inverting by sliding your hands along the handlebars or by moving your hand upward. Try and invert at smaller angles at your first inversions and move on to larger angles as you gain more experience. But you will enjoy the full inversion experience at the full 180 degrees. You can pause at any angle by holding onto the handles so as to maximise the relief and comfort. Please note that this is done by the strap that lets you tilt at any angle as it does not have a separate locking mechanism at different angles. This is a very good quality, sturdy and durable, functional and comfortable product at a very reasonable price.

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