Fitness Reality X-Class 2867 Light Commercial High Capacity Olympic Power Cage Review

Fitness Reality X-Class 2867 Olympic Power Cage 

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial

Fitness Reality X-Class 2867 is a light commercial power cage with a 1500-pound high real weight capacity on its thick and sturdy 2″ x 3″ tubular steel frame with the U-shaped stability bar. It is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by 151 users as a popular good value fitness product.

Please note that it doesn’t come with a lat pull-down attachment, but you’ll find a bonus J-Hooks pair. The total user weight capacity is 600 pounds on its two adjustable, very dense and robust rubber muti-grip dip, chin-up and pull up handlebars that measure 2 x 20 inches. There is a combined total weight capacity of 1500 pounds on the two 35.5″ dual mounted safety bars and two 11.5″ safety bars.

You have 13 adjustable positions for the dip handle adapters. You can use this power cage with the 7 feet Olympic bars and also get a Fitness Reality utility bench and a lat pull down attachment via if you wish to diversify your workout sessions. You can do more than 24 workouts on its sturdy heavy duty, strong and durable tubular steel frame. It is quite spacious inside theis power cage for you to do wide stance squats and having a second person to spot you. Tricep, bicep, shoulder and back muscles can bet targeted with the multi-grip pull-up bars with different hand positions.

Fitness Reality X-Class 2867 Power Cage weighs 256 pounds and measures 71.5L x 52W X 86H inches. You’ll receive the product in two big, one medium and one small boxes which may arrive separately on two different days. The power cage can be bolted to any floor with the pre-drilled holes. You can do bench presses, chin ups, dips and squats. If you’re working with a 52″ Olympic power bar you’ll have about 2 inches left on each side when you rerack this bar. So you shouldn’t have any problems fitting it. The external width is 49 inches and the internal width is 45 inches when assembled and the hole spacing is 2 inches for the 1-inch diameter holes.

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Power Cage

The X-Class 2867 is a very well built, yet lightweight commercial grade power rack with quite a bit of real weight capacity. There is not much to break on it except for maybe the cable that may wear out over time, but that would be easy to replace. You can easily change the lat bar handle for the tricep pressdown ropes if you want. And the connector to the equipment is quite standard for the attachments. It is a very solid, versatile and functional power rack that can be used with a variety of attachments that you can purchase. You can set it up in any room of your house, including the basement or garage as long as the ceiling is high and the floor is solid enough. At the current price level we’re certain most customers will be happy with this popular power cage.

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