Giantex Dumbbell Weight Storage Rack with Weights – Dumbbells

Giantex Dumbbell Weight Storage Rack with Weights

Giantex Dumbbell Weight Storage Rack

This is a solid and durable, high quality storage rack with five set of weights provided, built with great quality materials for easy and convenient storing of weights- dumbbells by Giantex, with all steel rack / solid steel frame and base and rubber and steel weights at a low competitive price. In the box you will get the weight stand, an Instruction Manual and weight sets of (two of each) 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs and 30lbs and you will get four different packages of A- 60lbs, B- 70LBS, C- 70lbs and D- 24.2lbs and these may arrive at different times so wait till you get them all. The weight rack measures 28.7 x 19.7 x 30 inches when assembled, is not shipped totally assembled and will require simple assembly with instructions and tools provided in the package. Although it is built quite robust if you plan to put other heavy weights on this unit product description tells you to pay attention to how much it can handle, although it is not specified on the product information page, our guess would be that you won’t have any problems.

Giantex Dumbbell Weight Storage Rack with weights

You can use the rack and weights to work on both your lower and upper body to increase strength in all your muscle groups, losing weight, muscle toning and overall fitness and if you already have a home gym set-up this can make a good part of it. You have the ergonomic handles and strong and firm grip on these hexagonal shaped professional style weights so you will experience less fatigue and you can go for longer. These are hex shaped dumbbells but the rack can also accommodate round shaped dumbbells just fine and the advantage of hex dumbbells is they will not roll and because they are coated in rubber they will not damage your equipment and floors. The weights provided are great and they fit on the rack provided well. Price is not particularly low but seems to be worth it, for the build quality of both the rack and dumbbells, and appears to be superior to cheaper competitors. But because this a very new release product there aren’t any customer reviews yet and as we don’t have the product on hand, we will find out more when there is more expert and customer opinions online. And just as a word of caution it is a good idea to keep your little children away from this unit so they don’t have an accident.

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