GOELLIPTICAL V-450 Standard 17” Stride Programmable Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

GOELLIPTICAL V-450 17” Stride Elliptical Cross Trainer

goelliptical v-450 standard stride 17-inch

Black and gray GOELLIPTICAL V-450 is an elliptical exercise machine and a cross trainer for a great cardiovascular and resistance workout, with magnetic resistance, belt drive, the adjustable pedals and arms, 17-inch standard stride and HRC Control program.

It appeared at Amazon.com very recently and has a single 5 star rating. The elliptical cross trainer runs smoothly and quietly with the special belt drive and magnetic resistance. The inertia load is 20kg and the speed ration is 1:12.7. The pedals are adjustable to 8 positions and the chrome swinging arms to 3 positions for your comfort.

There is no specific incline level adjustment on this elliptical and the existing adjustments on the pedals and the handles are enough to make you feel comfortable. This zero impact type workout with the 17-inch stride will not burden your knees or joints. There are 24 levels of push button resistance for different levels of difficulty and programs with limitless variations. You’ll find adjustable buttons on the fixed handlebars in the middle.

You have a tablet holder and a water bottle and storage rack for you to put your phone, tablet or small items. It is nice to have a quick and easy access to the HRC control program through the quick program adjustment on the handle. The large 5.5-inch color display shows the current speed, calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised and pulse rate. It feels safe and comfortable to exercise on with the cushioned upper body handles and the anti-slip, textured oversized foot pedals with a 17-inch stride.


You can burn calories, lose weight and tone muscles efficiently on this elliptical cross trainer. There are two built-in speakers that you can connect your external portable device to and listen to music while working out. It is suitable for use by beginners or advanced trainers- people at different levels, whatever their goals are. You can also pedal backwards on this elliptical trainers.

Black and gray GOELLIPTICAL V-450 weighs 126 pounds, has a 300 lb. total user weight capacity and measures 50 x 26 x 65 inches. It comes with an AC adapter and can be plugged into the regular US power outlets. The warranty offered is one year for the parts and lifetime for the frame for all their products. The elliptical trainer is shipped in two packages from a warehouse within the US. We like that it feels robust with a heavy duty frame and a decent construction, and runs smoothly and quietly. With its solid construction and modern features it seems to be worth the price it costs and we’re happy to recommend it to those with the budget.

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