GoPlus Magnetic Belt Drive Bike with 30 lb. Flywheel & LCD Display Review

GoPlus Magnetic Belt Drive Bike with 30 lb. Flywheel 

Goplus Magnetic Stationary Belt Drive Exercise Bike

GoPlus Magnetic Belt Drive Bike is a stationary cardiovascular fitness equipment with a large 30 pound flywheel and a smart LCD display for a great home workout without needing to get to gym every day. It has a premium look and feel, with a modern design and a very sturdy construction.

The average user rating is 5 out of 5 stars by very satisfied customers. It has a quiet and smooth magnetic resistance rather than the regular friction resistance that you see on many cheaper bike models which can make noise and dust. So the magnetic resistance bike is both quiet and maintenance-free. It is controlled by six magnets for an easier or more difficult workout at higher resistance. Large 30 lb. flywheel is sturdy, stable and reliable for a high precision run-out.

And you can adjust your magnetic resistance level through the tension knob in the middle. You also have the emergency shutdown option as you press this knob down when you can’t stop the bike by normal means. The 30 lb flywheel is connected with an aluminium out layer for a decent cycling experience. The smart multi-function electronic display gives you the real time feedback and you can keep track of your progress. You’ll find the pulse rate sensors in the middle of the plastic dip handles that you can hold in different positions of standing up ride, flat ground ride, climbing ride mode and off-road adventure ride mode.

The seat is comfortable with a fitness cushion and can be adjusted up and down and front and rear. Shorter and taller people between the heights of 5 ft and 6.5 ft can use this bike comfortably. And the handle can be adjusted up and down for different training postures. The anti-slip textured pedals are cage shaped and come with the Goplus Magnetic Stationary Belt Drive Exercise Bike Featuresfoot straps. The bike has an ergonomic design overall for your ease of use and comfort. It has a large base and a triangular body for stability. The maximum user weight capacity is around 300 pounds. It offers a relatively low impact workout for reducing the chance of potential injuries.

It can help you burn calories and fat by increasing your heart rate, work on your abdominals and make your heart stronger. This bike is easy to set up with the assembly instructions and tools included. You can put your smartphone or tablet on the handlebars that offer a nice cradle. The seat is not very comfortable as you can tell from the photos as well and you may want to consider changing that or use some kind of support. The weather outside will not affect your workout as you can use this bike whenever you want in the comfort of your home. It works very nicely as an every day use spin bike and the price tag is quite attractive for all that it is offering.

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