IRUI Adjustable Dumbbells Free Weights Set with Connecting Rod to Barbell Review

IRUI Adjustable Dumbbells to Barbell Set with Connecting Rod  

IRUI Adjustable Fitness Dumbbells Set

IRUI Adjustable Fitness Dumbbells Set is a dumbbell barbell dual function unit for home gym training, that includes 2 x 22lbs (44lbs) or 2 x 33lbs (66lbs) or 2 x 44lbs (88lbs) weights. With the connecting rod included it transforms to a barbell from two dumbbells.

This two piece set is suitable for use by both men and women at different fitness levels. As a very good quality, sturdy, functional and versatile resistance training product it is rated 5 out of 5 stars by 18 users at the time of this product review. The connecting rod is rubber coated for an anti-slip firm grip for you to feel safe during your workout. You can work on your lower and upper body- strengthen, tone and shape your back, shoulders, chest, triceps conveniently in both the dumbbell and barbell modes. You can use this dumbbell barbell set wherever you want- home, office or outdoors.

The connecting rod has a triangular curved surface design to stop the foam rod you put around it from falling. The anti-rolling weights with special embossing have 12 angles and they will not slip or roll like the round dumbbells. The weights are easily and quietly adjustable when you need to swap them quickly during your workout. They are resistant to high temperatures and wear and tear- they are durable and designed to last as long as not treated very badly. Free weights, both dumbbells and barbells can work better than exercise machines for burning calories and fat, strengthening, toning and shaping your body.

It is nice to be able to adjust the weights quickly depending on your needs or what you can handle at the time. The link length is 17.7 inches for the 44 lb. dumbbells and you can have three weight plates on each side. The larger two options (66lb. and 88lb.) have a 20.5″ link and four dumbbell plates can be placed on both sides. Connecting rod is 15.75 inches for all three options. And these are the maximum amount of weights you can have on these bars. Apart from the weight plates, you’ll get two dumbbell sticks, 4 x screw nuts and a connector in the box. Please refer to the Amazon product page for the details of the dumbbell plates.

Please note that this dumbbell set does not have any rubber smell like on some other units. The connecting rod with the foam cover will mostly rest on your shoulders and neck. The accessories for this set are not sold separately and you can only buy it as a set of 44, 66 or 88 pounds. The materials used on this set are PP for the nut and dumbbell sticks, and iron sand and cement for the dumbbell weights. The dumbbell diameter is about 1 inch and please check the middle section size of the external weight plate you want to use. Please do not go over the provided weight limits for each set. This is a great solid multi-functional resistance training equipment that will save you the cost of buying different barbells and dumbbells.

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