JUFIT Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine Review

JUFIT Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine

JUFIT Vibration Platform

Gold Jufit Vibration Platform is a modern fitness machine with an ergonomic and modern design, to help you lose calories and weight and tone muscles. It has a LED display panel with two small screens that show speed and time. It offers 199 different speeds for you to do it very lightly to very challenging.

Jufit Vibration Platform looks nice in gold color, has a new streamlined shape, weighs around 33 pounds and measures 6.8 x 16.3 x 29.8 inches- is a compact product that you can fit anywhere easily. It has a very solid construction and a very stable DC motor and the maximum user weight is 330 pounds. It is very safe to use, with the anti-static and anti-interference functions and the current overload protection.

You’ll get two elastic pulling ropes for upper body exercise and a remote controller to change speed and time and to turn the unit on and off comfortably. You can start using it straight away after taking it out of the box as there is no assembly needed. Simply stand on the platform, press the Start button and start at low speeds first, then increase the speed gradually as you may experience discomfort. You can use it before and after your resistance or cardiovascular workout easily to warm up or to work your muscles even more.

JUFIT Vibration Plate

You have the Power, Program, Start and Stop, Time and Speed buttons along with the Time and Speed displays on the panel. You can adjust the speed to 30-60-90-120 quickly or select from one of the P1-P3 preset programs. If you’re in a standing position, the location of your feet on the platform will determine the impact on your body and you need to keep them at an even distance. If you keep your feet apart it will feel like running, and it will be walking in the middle and jogging if you spread them a little wider.

Ten minutes a day on this will suffice to get results (and a maximum of 20 minutes) if you also combine it with healthy eating habits. It is even better if you see it as an extra thing to your regular workout. You can work on your shoulders and arms (push-ups), lower back and hips (seated), thighs and abdominals at different positions and postures. It is a very decent vibration platform with different modes and speed settings, a great quality construction with a beautiful streamlined design. It is durable and functional and we certainly recommend it at the current price level.

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