Lx Free Power Tower Adjustable Multi-Function Home Gym Review

Lx Free Power Tower Adjustable Multi-Function

Lx Free Power Tower - Home Gym Adjustable Multi-Function

Home Gym Lx Free Power Tower is a versatile and adjustable multifunctional home gym fitness equipment with a pull up bar, dip station, and stand workout station. As one of the best selling home gym equipment at Amazon.com it is reviewed by 114 customers on the day of this review.

It is very sturdy and stable with a heavy-duty construction and very dense foam rubber handles. You can feel safe when you’re performing the exercises holding the anti-slip grips with foam padding on handles for more comfort and safety. People- men and women of all ages and fitness levels can use it for strengthening and toning muscles on different body parts.

Kids need to be supervised by adults when they use this equipment. You can do chin ups, pull ups, push ups, dips and more for triceps, biceps, shoulders, arms, chest, abs and legs. It has the push up handles and multi-grip pull-up bar and dip station for your knee and leg raises and abdominal crunches. The height on this power tower is adjustable to six levels between 6.23 and 7.38 feet. You will also get six additional pieces as bonus spare accessories.

It has the proper back cushion and elbow support with plenty of padding to decrease the pressure on your spine to help with the right limb movements and elbows. This will also help you avoid any potential injuries. You’ll get the instructions and the simple tools for the assembly included in the package and is quite easy to put the marked pieces together. The workmanship is pretty good on this model- has a robust construction. The power tower has a very stable base so you can feel safe on it. The maximum allowed user weight capacity is 350 pounds on its heavy-duty frame

It measures 22.44L x 38.98W x 74.80 – 88.58 H inches as assembled. With its vertical design it doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can use it anywhere as long as it is placed on an Lx Free Power Tower Multi-Functional Home Gym Adjustableeven and clean ground, but it is best that it stays indoors not to be affected by outdoors weather conditions. The metal part of the power tower is high quality steel and the backrest has the PU leather on foam padding. The product is 22 inches wide and should be fine for most people to do pull ups.

There may be people reporting stability issues but the manufacturer claims that they upgraded the original products and they offer more stability now. It is recommended that you read through the instructions manual before installing and starting using the product. LX Free has about ten years of history in the fitness equipment industry and they dedicate quite a bit on researching and developing the products with innovative design. They stand behind their products and you will get great customer support when you need it. It is a low cost power tower that offers pretty good value for the money.

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