NextTechnology Stationary Indoor Exercise Bike, 5050 Review

NextTechnology Stationary Indoor Bike

Nexttechnology Exercise Bike Stationary

NextTechnology  Stationary Exercise Bike is offered in eleven different models of belt driven recumbent and upright bikes with different colors for home gym use: 5050 Silver, 5070 Silver, CY-S701 Black, CY-S701 White, S300 Red, S401 Black, SKN-507 Red, WSP Black, WSP Black and Silver, YS-S05 Blue and YS-S05 Green.

As very recent 2019 release exercise bikes, the average rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 4 customers on the day of this product review. They all have the high definition LCD-backlit digital multifunctional display panels that show the regular workout stats to help you keep track of your progress and stay motivated: Time, speed, calories, distance, odometer, scan and pulse rate.

NextTechnology Stationary Bike is sturdy and durable with a thick heavy-duty steel frame and crank. And as a good quality bike it should last you a long time if well taken care of. You have the  leather padded seat that can be adjusted fully in four directions with a simple knob twist for proximity to the handles and height- up and down, back and forward. This way you will stay comfortable on your seat even during the long workouts.

Short or tall people can use it easily with its adjustable mechanism. You can ride the bike smoothly and quietly thanks to the belt driven mechanism and a decent size 22 lb. flywheel for resistance and high inertia to let you have more control over your workout session. You can be certain of a solid and smooth ride consistently- at all times if Nexttechnology Home Bikeyou take good care of this bike. The seat is fine in terms of size and comfort but can feel a little hard over long rides. And you can certainly change it with something a bit larger and more comfy.

Please note that these bikes are not foldable but have the transport wheels at the front to be rolled away easily when needed. The total maximum user weight capacity is 270 pounds (122.5 kg) on the sturdy frame of the lightweight bike and should cover a great percentage of people. You’ll get it unassembled but is easy to put together the pieces. It runs very quietly, does the job well and should help you do your daily cardio workout and burn some calories or warm up before your workout. They are great value for the dollar overall and we’re happy to recommend any of the versions that would best suit your needs.

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