Pooboo X1 and X5 Indoor Belt Driven Exercise Bikes with 35 lb. Flywheel (D519) Review

Pooboo X1 & X5 Indoor Belt Driven Exercise Bikes  

pooboo X1 D519 Exercise Bike, Belt Drive

Pooboo X1 and X5 (D519) are modern indoor stationary exercise bikes (upgraded 2020 models) with a belt drive and a large 35 lbs. flywheel for your smooth and quiet cardio workout in the comfort of your home.

There are only small design differences and the X1 model doesn’t come with an LCD monitor. They are rated an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 11 users at the moment. There is a 28 dollars of price difference at the moment. They have a very stylish and modern appearance with beautiful colors and is quite easy on the eyes. They have a heavy flywheel and a large and comfy seat with the spring added buffer that measures 10.43 × 8 × 2 inches.

You can feel safe and stable on the thick and sturdy steel frame and the textured anti-slip pedals with the foot straps. There is an emergency stop function as you push the tension knob down to stop the bike immediately if you can’t stop by normal means. With an efficient and good quality belt drive and a 35-pound flywheel they pedal very quietly and smoothly, giving you a nice road-like, realistic feeling. People in the house or the neighbors downstairs will not be disturbed by the bike‘s noise.

The LCD monitor gives you an accurate reading of the distance traveled, time exercised, calories burned, current speed and pulse rate through the right and left handle sensors. You can monitor your workout metrics in real time and keep track of your progress and stay motivated to do better each time. There is an iPad/tablet mount where you can put your portable device, check your emails, speak to friends or browse the internet. This way you will be able to exercise longer with the distraction of the music or videos and burn more calories.

You also have a water bottle holder in the middle to stay hydrated during your exercise session. You can adjust the large saddle 4-ways (up, down, forward, back) and the handlebar 2-ways (up and down) to feel more comfortable. Your feet will not slide to the sides or forward in the steel cage shaped tough aluminum alloy pedals with the straps that can accommodate pooboo X5 Exercise Bike, Belt Drivedifferent sizes of feet. You can also change to a pair of SPD pedals to be able to clip your spinning shoes. You can move them around easily on the front dual transportation wheels by simply tilting it and pulling or pushing out of your way.

The large 35 lb. flywheel creates a decent momentum, keeps the bike feel steady and stable consistently and almost simulates a real rood riding. Total maximum user weight capacity is specified as 270 pounds on the robust frame. Pooboo X1 and X5 Bikes are very nice to look at, with a decent sturdy quality, ease of assembly and use, comfort, very low noise, adjustable real resistance levels to work hard and more, at a reasonable price. These Pooboo Bikes are offered with a 12-month components replacement warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The customer support people should be able to respond to your queries within 24 hours.

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