Popsport Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike, JSC009 and JSC010, 330LBS/440LBS,

Popsport Indoor Stationary Bike- JSC009, JSC010

Popsport Indoor Exercise Bike Stationary Bike 330LBS - 440LBS

Popsport Indoor Stationary Bike for cardiovascular exercise is offered as two models: JSC009 and JSC010. They will help you burn calories, lose weight, strengthen and tone leg muscles as well as core section in the comfort of your home. There is around 30 dollars price difference at the time of this product review.

The first JSC009 has a 330 pounds user weight capacity with a shipping weight of 54.1 pounds as compared to the 440 pounds capacity of the JSC010 with a 59.4 lb. shipping weight. The latter includes a phone holder and a tablet holder separately and has an even more sturdy build. They both come with the steel frames but the JSC010 is the more solid version with around 110 pounds more user weight capacity.

They have the LCD display panel that shows time, distance traveled, current speed, calories burned and heart rate as the sensors are included on the handles on both models. The comfy PU sports saddles and the aluminum alloy pedals will help with a more comfortable and secure workout experience each time. One of the customers commented on the seat, but if you’d prefer something comfier you may get a padded seat cover.

Popsport Indoor Exercise Bike Stationary Bike LCD Display Tablet and Phone Holder

The positive-locking seat is adjustable for height (top-down) and so are the handles for your comfort and convenience. It is easy to adjust the resistance very precisely through the red dial with a convenient locking mechanism in the middle. It has the very quiet pedal boards and you will be able to pedal very smoothly and quietly. Both models have the water bottle holder and a great quality aluminum bottle in the middle.

The PU seat saddle is large and comfortable enough for your longer sessions. These are belt driven exercise bikes that run smoothly and quietly. They are rather compact in size and the JSC009 model measures roughly 39 x 17 x 37 inches. But do not be misled by the compact size, as shorter and taller people can use them comfortably with the adjustable seat and handles and the impressive total weight capacity of both models, especially that of the JSC010.

They look cool and work as described and do the job well. They both have the simplistic, sporty and modern design. They do not have a foldable design but have small footprints and hardly take any space. If you’re not familiar with assembling things, these can take a little longer to put together but otherwise, they are easy enough to assemble with the easy to read and understand instructions manual. But they sure are quite well constructed, sturdy and durable.

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