ProGear Freedom 3410 48″ Stride Air Walker Elliptical LS1 Trainer Review

ProGear Freedom Air Walker Elliptical LS1 via Amazon

ProGear Freedom 48 inch Stride Air Walker Elliptical LS1 with Heart Pulse Monitor

ProGear 3410 Freedom 48 inch Stride Air Walker LS1 is an elliptical trainer with a modern design that brings cardiovascular training benefits of burning calories, weight loss, lower body muscle toning and strength in the comfort of your home and see results without any burden on your body- ankles, knees, leg joints or back, this being a low impact workout machine. It will actually make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. It is quite a new product and not many customer reviews out yet but it certainly gives us the impression that it would be great value for money and is well worth checking out.

ProGear 3410 Freedom weighs 48 pounds with dimensions of 42 x 47 x 33 inches, offers 48 inch full motion range and can carry a maximum weight of 225 pounds (has a 1.5 inch powder coated solid steel tube support frame) and anyone from 5 ft to 6’2” height will be fine on it. It can easily be stored in your closet, under your bed or in the corner of your room as it can be folded to 4 inch wide and comes with transportation wheels. You can change the difficulty level with the 6 resistance levels through the solid tension cords so you get the cardio workout that feels right for you and as you improve your fitness and endurance level. It has a computerised LCD display that shows the distance travelled, calories burned, time, step count and pulse rate as your heart pulse will be sensed through the pulse sensors on the handle bar. With a range of motion of 48 inches it lets you stretch the muscles on your legs so it increases your flexibility more than other competitor elliptical trainers (far greater stride).

ProGear Freedom 48 Stride Air Walker Elliptical LS1 with Heart Pulse Monitor

ProGear Freedom offers more stretch than other elliptical trainers and non-stop movement and you’ll see great results. It is easy to switch on and off and you want to start slow and build on that gradually as you will have total freedom and flexibility- from a slow walk all the way up to a faster run. There is no installation work required as it comes assembled straight out of the box, all you need is to connect its computer and you are good to go. It includes extra large ribbed foot pads and a 2 inch thick foam as abdominal support in the middle which is useful for your security and balance. You can stretch your leg muscles, work your hamstrings, increase flexibility, lean forward and go up on your toes to strengthen your calves, bend your knees for your lower body, widen your stance and hold to strengthen your thighs and glutes. Paint on the metal handle is the non-slip variety so your hand will not slip during your cardio exercise. It comes with a 12 month limited warranty by the manufacturer and 2 x AAA batteries are also included in the package.

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