RitFit HTM-800 Multi-Function Hip Thrust Machine Bench Platform Review

RitFit HTM-800 Multi-Function Hip Thrust Machine Bench Platform

RitFit Multi-Function Hip Thrust Machine Bench Platform HTM-800

RitFit’s HTM-800 Multi-Function Hip Thrust Machine Bench Platform seems to be a unique product with a competitive price in the home fitness equipment market by providing great glute workouts. Positive reviews and attention have been drawn to this hip workout equipment because of its outstanding 800-pound capacity, strong back pad, and versatile design. We’ll examine the machine’s features, user experiences, assembly procedure, and overall value it offers your home gym in this product review.


At the core of RitFit’s HTM-800 lies its commitment to enhancing the efficiency of hip thrust workouts. With its unique design, this machine targets and strengthens the gluteus maximus muscles, which is a powerful way to get the most out of your glute workouts. Compared to conventional lower-body exercises, its unique design provides a safer environment for glutes and hip extensors, making it more knee-friendly.

All-In-One Versatility:

The HTM-800 is a space-saving addition to your home gym, measuring 62.5″ x 27″ x 21″. With six band pegs, four hooks, and a barbell foam pad that is compatible, this machine provides an abundance of full-body workout choices. The HTM-800 can accommodate a wide range of training motions according to your preferences, including hip thrusts with free weights or resistance bands, squats, deadlifts, sit-ups, and rows.

Heavy-Duty Durability:

Because the HTM-800 is made of premium alloy steel, all of its parts are highly resilient. 800 pounds is the amazing maximum capacity guaranteed by the main frame, made of heavy-duty, rock-solid steel. In addition to extending the machine’s lifespan, the thick rubber cover acts as an anti-slip surface, increasing safety during vigorous exercise sessions and preventing unintentional injuries.

Ergonomic Comfort:

Comfort is not compromised with the HTM-800. The ergonomic design of the 6.3″ thick curved back pad with a 30° slope was taken into consideration. This design guarantees unmatched comfort at the ideal height, greatly enhancing your hip-bridge performance and adding fun to your training.

Assembly Made Easy:

RitFit Multi-Function Hip Thrust Machine Bench Platform HTM-800 800LBS

The clear instructions that come with the HTM-800 make setup a breeze. The assembly process is streamlined by the inclusion of all required hardware. It is easily adjustable thanks to the front wheels, so you can raise and lower the machine as needed. Furthermore, a drag handle makes storage simple and guarantees that the machine doesn’t take up extra room in your house.

Customer Feedback:

Customers are praising the RitFit HTM-800 Multi-Function Hip Thrust Machine Bench Platform and expressing their overwhelming happiness with it. Attracted by the machine’s excellent quality and low cost, one customer calls it an “awesome” addition to their exercise regimen, praising the well-made design that is reasonably priced. Although the machine is larger than anticipated, another client praises the sturdy padding and high-quality flooring. They had a small problem with a chipped wheel when it was delivered, but other than that, everything went well, highlighting how durable the equipment is.

Another customer expresses how much they love their HTM-800, particularly in comparison to a more expensive model. This customer emphasizes the RitFit machine’s amazing quality and durability, even suggesting that it could outperform its more costly counterpart. Others who have reported that the padding is supportive and the assembly is faultless, providing a sense of security during exercise, agree with these observations. The overwhelming positive reaction reinforces the HTM-800’s reputation as a reliable and popular addition to home gyms, even in the face of constructive criticism regarding possible enhancements.


RitFit was established in 2014 and is still committed to providing high-quality, reasonably priced exercise equipment. This dedication is demonstrated by the HTM-800, which provides a complete solution for full-body exercises and glute training. For anyone wishing to improve their at-home workout, the RitFit HTM-800 is a worthwhile investment because of its sturdy construction, ergonomic design, and favorable customer feedback. You may want to place your order now to start your road toward toned glutes and improved sports performance.

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