SereneLife Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine, SLRWMC18 Review

SereneLife Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine

SereneLife Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine

SereneLife SLRWMC18 is a modern new release foldable rowing machine with the air and magnetic resistance with a smart LCD display as a state-of-the-art model for home gym use. The average user rating is 5 out pf 5 stars by 4 customers on the day of this product review.

You can burn calories and fat, lose weight, get in shape and even strengthen and tone different muscles of your body. It offers a decent low impact workout that targets your triceps, biceps, shoulders, forearms, legs, abdominals and back. Depending on the resistance level it will also work as a strength training unit. It is a premium quality, sturdy and durable rowing machine that is built to last, being made of steel metal alloy and the engineered solid ABS plastic.

With a total user weight capacity of 250 pounds it can hold a good percentage of adults comfortably. The LCD-backlit display with a single red button has the standard rower indicators of calories burned, distance, time, count (stride), total count, and scan. Time can be adjusted up to 99 minutes and the max distance is 999.9 miles. The LCD display needs 2 x AAA batteries to operate, that are included in the package. The contour rowing seat glides smoothly and quietly on the 30.7-inch long metal slide rail. It has the pedal-like pivoting footrests that give your back decent support during your rowing session.

By just twisting the resistance button in the middle you can adjust the level of challenge. If you’re new to this you may want to start out slow at lower resistance and move up gradually. We also recommend that you change the resistance through your workout to get better calorie burning results. You have a full body workout on this seated cardio SereneLife Air and Magnetic Rower Digital LCDmachine without leaving the comfort of your home. You will be getting your heart rate up, burning calories, strengthening your abs and other muscles in this low impact aerobic and anaerobic training machine.

SereneLife SLRWMC18 Rower measures 62.3 pounds and measures 77.2L x 16.1W x 29.9H inches. It has a foldable design and has the dimensions of 39.3 x 17.7 x 53.1 inches as collapsed. It will make a nice addition to your home gym for daily cardio workout or warming up before your weights training at home. You’ll get it unassembled but it is easy to put together with the simple directions. It stays put in its place when you’re working out. And you can move it out of the way easily when you’re done with your session. It comes with one year of warranty by the company that stands behind their products. You can contact them directly if you have any issues or any queries about the rower to be resolved.

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