Sole F63 New 2019 Treadmill Review

Sole F63 New 2019 Treadmill

Sole F63 New 2019 Treadmill

The brand new release 2019 model Sole F63 is a high end treadmill with plenty of power and speed, a very sturdy and bulky construction, and many user-friendly features. It is considered as the best treadmill in its price class by a few fitness equipment resources- websites and magazines.

The 3.0HP continuous duty modern motor offers running speeds of up to an impressive 12 mph if you can run at such high speed and 15 levels of resistance. You’ll find solid Bluetooth speakers on the display console through which you can listen to your favorite songs during your workout session. You can put your smartphone or tablet on the built-in tablet holder just below the LCD display for entertainment purposes to keep distracted, so you can go longer.

You can enjoy the challenge by the 15 incline levels when you’re walking, jogging or running. This great treadmill is built using the best quality components and materials, still maintaining its lower price. You can fold and lock the F63 in its place safely when you’re not using it and can save on some space in your living area. There are 10 preset programs for cardiovascular training and fat burning. The speed and incline up and down buttons are available on the handles for you to reach easily when you’re running.

The blue-backlit vivid large console shows you the stats like time, distance, calories burned, speed, pace, pulse, and incline. You’ll also find a “Peak and Valley” graph for different programs and a quarter mile track function. You can connect your iPod or any other MP3 player to the integrated speakers on the console, and charge your smartphone via the USB port. For heart rate reading you can integrate it with the wireless chest straps or use the pulse sensor handles at the front of the machine.

Sole Fitness is a leading manufacturer in the fitness industry and they have been providing great quality equipment in North America for decades. The Sole F63 is the most basic model of the current Sole treadmill line but is the best and the highest quality folding treadmill out there for under 1000 dollars. It weighs 280 pounds and measures 82 x 35 x 57 inches and will take up a bit of space in your home gym area. But you can fold it easily and lock it into its place with the hydraulic shock assist soft drop system.

Sole F63 Treadmill 2019 Model Display Panel

It comes with great features like a powerful 3 horsepower motor, 12mph max speed, a large 60” x 20” running area, 15 levels of resistance, an upgraded console with a 6.5” LCD display, wireless tracking with the Sole Fitness mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS. It is also compatible with other fitness applications like MyFitnessPal and FitBit and your data will be tracked and recorded in the background and your history will be saved in the same location.

The warranty is quite generous; 3 years for electronics and parts, 1 year for labor and lifetime for the frame. What Sole does best is rather than investing in the extra features- the bells and the whistles, they focus on what matters most: Best quality construction with commercial level components, a heavy duty motor, large track rollers, comfort and ergonomics with advanced cushioning, ease of use with preset workouts and accurate stats on the 6.5” LCD display panel. There will be no joint pain even after months of use as the impact is reduced by up to 45% than the regular pavement.

It has a large stop switch for when you need to stop the treadmill immediately. It has an impressive user weight capacity of 325 pound on its sturdy steel frame. If you want more features and still get all that Sole is offering, you’ll need to check out the more expensive models. It offers very good value for home cardio training with its commercial level motor, solid components and comfortable cushioning at a relatively low price. If you’re familiar with the Sole brand treadmills you would probably know that they are one of the best on the market for home use. It has a large stop switch for when you need to stop the treadmill immediately. We do not hesitate to recommend this brand new release Sole F63.

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