Stamina InMotion Compact Strider with Cords, 55-1621 Review

Stamina InMotion Compact Strider with Cords

Stamina InMotion Compact Strider with Cords

Stamina InMotion 55-1621 Compact Strider is one of the best selling elliptical trainers at, that is designed to help you work on your upper body as you pedal. It has an average user rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars by 537 customers at the time of this review.

The resistance is conveniently adjustable on this modern compact strider, so you can control the intensity or difficulty of your workout the way you want. You can use it standing or seated in a chair or on the couch when you’re watching TV or getting some work done. You’ll get a workout DVD to help you get started and as you progress with your workout. You can move the pedals in both directions- forward or back and hit slightly different muscles of your legs for better results overall. As you pedal backwards you’ll be working more on your quadriceps.

It has a smart digital display that shows the time exercised, calories burned, strides per minute, total strides, total distance and scan that moves between the other indicators every 9 seconds or so without you needing to press a button. The total distance is displayed up to 999.9 miles. It feels very stable on the anti-slip pedals on its sturdy steel frame that sets it apart from many other strider models on the market. The total user weight capacity is specified as 250 pounds. The medium resistance tubes have the padded, adjustable handles for you to work on your upper body more comfortably. The cords offer help with balance and give your arms a nice workout.

This compact unit feels a bit like a proper elliptical trainer as you use these cords. Gamers or home office workers can use it comfortable as a low-attention, non-distracting form of exercise. It gives you the chance to improve your endurance and tone and strengthen both your low and upper body. There is a convenient handle in the middle that lets you the compact strider wherever you go. You can focus on your work in the seated position without the handles or use the handles for your upper body or stand up with or without the handles and focus on your workout and still listen to music or watch videos. It offers a low-impact workout that will not put a burden on your knees, hips, back or ankles.

Stamina InMotion Compact Strider Parts

By being able to adjust the levels of resistance or intensity your workout progress will not plateau over time. You are recommended to start at lower resistance levels if you’re new to this or for warming up and you can gradually increase the resistance as you get stronger. Just like an elliptical it will help tone your thighs, buttocks, hips and legs while burning some calories and fat overall. You will be able to burn more calories by adjusting the resistance, up and down throughout your session.

InMotion Compact Strider weighs 24 pounds and measures 24 x 18 x 12 inches and you can take it pretty much wherever you go. It is shipped mostly assembled and not hard to put the pieces together before you start working out. If you need to get the replacement bands you can email or call the Stamina Products at 1-800-375-7520, with the model number and part number of your equipment. You can get a Stamina Strider without the upper body cords, but please note that they can not be added later. It works very quietly unlike some other similar models and you will not be disturbing your neighbors below you or people in the office. You’re getting different workout machines in one with this unit and is certainly worth how much it costs.

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