Suples Bulgarian Bag, Original Genuine Leather by Ivan Ivanov Review

Suples Bulgarian Bag, Genuine Leather by Ivan Ivanov

Bulgarian Bag Suples Original Genuine Leather

Bulgarian Bag by Suples is made of original genuine leather and generally used for the training of judo and mixed martial arts. It is designed by the wrestling and fitness coach Ivan Ivanov in 2005 and the warranty offered by the company is two years and they stand behind their products. This number one new release product that is ranked 16th among the strength training sests first appeared at on July 8, 2016 and has an average user rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 199 customers at the moment.

The Suples Bulgarian Bag is offered in 6 different weight options of 6, 11, 58, 66 and 75 pounds at different prices you can view at The package for the 6lb. Bulgarian bag weighs 30.6 pounds and measures 24.5 x 18 x 7.2 inches. You can follow Suples Training System on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook and view the training videos. The Bulgarian Bag lets you work on your lower and upper body efficiently with the focus on grip strength. You have three different handles for performing different exercises at slightly different angles.

Suples Bulgarian Bag is a functional fitness tool that offers neurological integration and power. It combines the primary patterns of movement that imitate the natural movements. And what’s special about this Bulgarian bag is it covers all possible movements under load. If you are weight lifting every day at the gym you will be better off with the bag that weighs 22 pounds and more. And if you’re just trying to get a light workout you’ll be fine with the lighter weights that are good for cardio type workouts with the longer duration. It is a very versatile fitness product for a great whole body workout.

Bulgarian Bag Suples Original Genuine Leather, Ivan IvanovThese Bulgarian bags are shipped pre-filled, evenly filled with sand for offering you a decent balanced product that is ready to use. You shouldn’t really have any concerns about the quality. The grip is quite important for this type of workout and it is more about your coordination and strength. If you’re not a weight lifter you may want to start with a lighter weight like 13lb. that is easily swingable and increase there reps to burn calories.

If you used a kettlebell before, the 70-pound kettlebell is equal to a 37lb. Bulgarian bag in terms of challenge. The exercises you can do with the bag are quite dynamic and you’ll feel it straight away. So you don’t really need to go very heavy as you’ll probably get a better workout with a little lighter weight. You will be using more intensity and speed. There is also the Suples Strong model that lets you adjust the weight when you want to increase the challenge. It comes with a free instructional video link and chart that you can see on the product photos. It is a good quality hand made genuine leather and you get what you pay for and we think that it is good value for the dollar.

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