V-FIRE Stationary Indoor Cycling Fitness Bike Review

V-FIRE Stationary Indoor Cycling Fitness Bike

V-FIRE Stationary Indoor Bike

V-FIRE Stationary Indoor Fitness Bike is designed for cardiovascular training in the comfort of your home. You can purchase it in blue, pink or red, all with the same design and price tags.

It will help you burn calories and fat, increase your heart rate, lose weight, stay fit, tone muscles, keep in shape and increase your endurance if you use it regularly and eat healthy. The bike has a sturdy and durable base and steel frame that can support people up to 220 pounds or 100kg comfortably.

The V-Fire Bike weighs 56.22 pounds and measures 43L x 19W x 43H inches- is both lightweight and compact in size. You can put it in any size room or in your living room workout area and you’ll still have plenty of space left. Very short or tall people can use it comfortably by adjusting the saddle and handle heights. Your height from the floor can be adjusted between 29 and 35 inches. So you may want to measure if that will be good enough for you.

It is nice to have easy access to a cardiovascular workout and you can cycle anywhere and any time you want. The small LCD display panel has the regular indicators of Distance, Calories, Speed, Time, Scan, ODOmeter and  Pulse via the handle sensors. You can compare your past and present V-FIRE Stationary Indoor Cycling Fitness Bike results, keep track of and monitor your progress to achieve the results you want quicker. It runs smoothly and quietly thanks to the chain drive mechanism and won’t make much noise to disturb you, people in your house or the neighbors.

It is designed to help you achieve more results in less amount of time, with 8 levels of resistance and smooth chain drive. The PU leather saddle seems to be reasonably comfortable for lengthy sessions and the handlebars are nicely cushioned for additional comfort. You can adjust the seat for height and distance from the front panel and the handlebars for height easily for your comfort.

It has the aluminum alloy anti-slip pedals with cage to keep your feet in place. You’ll get a free aluminum water bottle included with your purchase. It comes with a manufacturer warranty of 60 days and they’ll help you with any broken or missing parts you may need. You just need to email them on customerservice@v-fire.us and ask for help. This is a very recent hot new release home fitness bike at Amazon.com and there aren’t any customer reviews on the site at the time of this review. Overall it appears to offer decent value for the dollar.

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