Vilei Foldable Adjustable Multi-Purpose Weight Bench Review

Vilei Foldable Adjustable Weight Bench

Vilei Bench Measurements

Vilei Adjustable Weight Bench is a foldable multifunctional resistance training equipment with resistance bands for working out in home gyms. It is an entry level fitness weight bench to use with light weights, resistance bands or body weight in the comfort of your home, but not in the commercial gym settings.

Black Vilei Weight Bench is a sit-up and supine bench that can be used in flat, incline and decline positions at 7 different angles for the back with the multi-back angle adjustment, multi-leg height adjustment with 4 gears and 2 gears for the foot support with the very dense and comfortable foam. It has a solid alloy steel frame to carry 330 pounds of weight and measures 30L x 12.6W x 12.6H inches.

It is a multi-functional exercise weight bench with 7 adjustment gears for the back and 3 adjustment positions for the front bench for any angles or postures you need for your barbell, dumbbell or body weight workouts. You can do your bench press, push up, sit up, leg extension, one arm rows, and a variety of other exercises for your back, shoulders, calves, legs, abdominals, bicep, triceps and chest by hitting these muscles at the slightly different angles. 

For how much this weight bench costs the quality is good, is robust and durable with the enhanced stability of the thickened seat beam steel pipes and long support on the front feet. It goes through strict quality control inspections before getting out on the market.Good quality PU faux leather is used on this bench that is sweat-Vilei Adjustable Weight Benches for Home Gymproof, hygienic and easy to clean. And if you don’t push it too hard or treat it roughly you can expect long years of use out of it. This modern weight bench is conveniently foldable for easy storage after each time you use it. 

The company has more than a decade of experience in the fitness equipment and you can get to the customer service team in case of any issues or queries you may have. Please note that you should receive this weight bench it in a single package that weighs 11.29kg and measures ‎28.75L x 12.75W x 12.5H inches. You should be able to assemble it on your own with the tools and the instructions included in the package. July 6, 2021 is the date this weight bench was first available at and is ranked the 30th best selling strength training adjustable bench on the website. 

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