Water-chestnut HSM Folding Portable Motorized Treadmill Review

Water-chestnut HSM Portable Electric Treadmill

Water-chestnut HSM 500W Folding Portable Motorized Exercise Treadmill

Water-chestnut HSM-T02 (or the HSM-T04F) is a compact, foldable and portable electric treadmill with an efficient 350-watt power motor (110V, 60Hz) for running, jogging or walking in the comfort of your house. You will not be affected by the weather, whether it is raining, snowing or very hot outside, you’ll be able to continue your daily training.

Please note that this is an entry level motorized treadmill for home use and not commercial gym use and the warranty will not cover out of home use. You have the option to purchase the HSM-T04F model compact treadmill that costs 44 dollars more at the time of this review via the same Amazon product page.

There are three modes to choose from on its little round smart multi-functional LCD-backlit display panel with the blue Mode button and the stats like Time, Calories, Distance, Speed – and + and Scan. So you can track your progress and stay motivated. The red safety emergency button with a red cord that you can attach to your gym clothes will keep you safe during your session.

With the cushioning buffer effect on the very dense anti-static material running belt, the impact on your joints, knees, hips, ankles, waist and lower limb will be decreased. This will be especially useful for the older people that are recovering from injuries. The static electricity to your body will also be prevented thanks to the anti-static material used.

It is great for home use, also for the ease of storage as you can simply fold this compact unit and relocate it on its front wheels.  There are no handles on the sides butWater-chestnut HSM 500W Folding Portable Treadmill the front handrail is covered with foam and we can’t find any heart rate sensors on the T02 model. The more expensive T04F has the sensors on the curved handles.

Black HSM-T02 Treadmill weighs 41.89 pounds, can support up to 250 pounds of total user weight on its sturdy and safe steel frame and measures 40.16 x 20.08 x 43.7 inches. The larger HSM-T04F Treadmill weighs 61.73 pounds and measures 52.56 x 24.80 x 49.02 inches.

You can simply concentrate on your jogging or running as no-one or no car will get in your way as in the case of being outdoors. If you put a mirror in front of your treadmill you can adjust your movements and keep a more balanced posture. You’ll get the treadmill, a user manual and an accessory pack that includes the hexagonal wrench and screw. Control panel is made of ABS plastic, the frame is stainless steel, running belt is PVC and the handrail is foam.

The HSM-T04F model has a bit more powerful 500-watt motor, a sturdier frame with a 300-pound user weight capacity. 8 cushioning points on the T04F will help reduce the impact by up to 40%. The LCD display panel on this model is also a bit more advanced and covers a little more. You can consider either of these treadmills depending on your budget and if you don’t need or want the bells and whistles. These units are available in stock in the US warehouse and will be shipped and delivered quickly. They offer efficient customer support and you can contact them via email or phone before buying the product.

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