Waterrower Oxbridge Rowing Machine S4 Review

WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine S4

waterrower oxbridge s4 rower

WaterRower Oxbridge S4 is a top of the range handcrafted indoor rowing machine with water flywheel that imitates the rowing on water and gives you that real experience and includes the hi-rise attachment. The patented WaterFlywheel with two paddles is in an actual water tank, helps the unit run quietly and smoothly and the resistance is totally up to how much you can pull. It is made of the robust cherry wood in red/brown that will get darker by light exposure and is covered with three coats of Danish oil and it will help block the unwanted vibrations and noise. When you first buy the cherry wood rower you will get a rower that is quite light in color- light red to brown and will darken by time and how much light it is exposed to. The Series 4 is easy to set up, weighs 117 lbs with a weight capacity of up to 1000 pounds and measures 84 x 21 x 22 inches once assembled- heavy and large and you can store it vertically.

The special patented design of the water flywheel ensures that rowing feels like a boat moving on real water, emulating the dynamics and giving you the physiological and physical rowing benefits. Rowing on the WaterRower will give you the optimal cardio workout with the smooth motion without any burden on your joints as this is a low impact type of workout but increase the heart rate nicely. Your hips, knees, and ankles will not be carrying your body weight and all your joints will be a part of the action in a full range of motion. The resistance you experience will be lower when you paddle slowly and will be higher when you do it faster and there is no limit to how much resistance you get, as it will depend on how quickly you can row. And it will all feel very smooth and you will hardly hear anything, unlike the non-water flywheel rowing units. It is not just about burning some calories and developing your back muscles either as the WaterRower will help you burn a serious amount of calories per session and will be able to work on up to 84% of your muscles.

waterrower oxbridge s4 rowing machine

You will find the indicators like stroke rate, workout intensity, duration, zone bar, distance, pulse rate and on the user-friendly Series 4 performance monitor which has a total of three navigation buttons, six QuickSelection buttons, and six info and programming windows. The pulse rate is measured by the chest strap and receiver that are optional to purchase. It looks very stylish and modern and although the price may seem high at first, it is guaranteed to give you many years of use as a very reliable rower with great quality components that help it run smoothly. It will give you an awesome workout whether you want to lose weight, warm up before weight training or strengthen muscles and you will probably enjoy the water sound it makes, although one of the customers is complaining about the noise, it is just a pleasant water sound. There is no maintenance or lubricating required and none of the parts will wear out by use. There is no need for a noisy motor as the self-regulated mechanism of the WaterFlywheel will do the job very well. The standard warranty is one year for the frame and components but will be upgraded to 3 years on components and 5 years on the frame if you fill out a registration form.

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