XMark 4 ft. Three Tier Dumbbell Rack XM-3107.1 (Gray or White) Review

XMark 4 ft 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack via Amazon

XMark 4 ft. 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack XM-3107.1

XMark XM-3107.1 is a 4 feet long dumbbell rack of three tiers with angled shelves with two colour options of white or grey both of which look nice. You can easily retrieve from and load dumbbells onto its tilted shelves and it can hold a complete set of 5 pound to 50 pound dumbbells of 10 pairs but dumbbells are obviously not included in the package and you will be offered a set of dumbbells on Amazon product page through the links on this page. It is obviously not suitable for 100 pound weights as you will be pushing the limits a little bit but there are customers using 65 pound weights on it without problems. XMark Dumbbell Rack weighs 80 pounds and has the measurements of 53.25 x 21 x 32 inches. It offers more dumbbell storage capacity than other racks with similar price on the market and you won’t need to worry if the rack is strong enough to carry your weights as this one happens to be pretty strong and sturdy. It is reported to be shipped very quickly and in great packaging of several cartons and heavy plastic straps.

XMark 4 ft. Three Tier Dumbbell Rack XM-3107.1

You can also use it for putting your kettlebells on if you install one of the racks upside down so it will accommodate quite a few dumbbells and kettles on its 4 feet x 3 tiers (or your can use the bottom level for your other workout stuff) and the fact that it is tilted backwards (each level angled out from each other) rather than being upside down is better for retrieving and loading weights. With baked-on powder coated finish both the white and silver units are resistant to scratch and it is quite a durable and solid rack of 14-gauge steel mainframe construction and your floors will be protected with the anti-slip tough rubber feet. It looks modern and attractive, is very simple to set up (hex wrench and 16 nuts and bolts provided- you will need an end wrench), is a very durable heavy duty unit that holds a lot of dumbbells, will last a long time but is designed for home or garage gym use and will be a great addition to any home gym as an organised and convenient racking system. And will keep your muscle building / strength training exercise area clean and organised without the free weights all over the place.

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