YX Hydraulic Rods Twisting Stair Stepper with Bands Review

YX Hydraulic Rods Twisting Stair Stepper

YX Hydraulic Rods Twisting Stair Stepper With Band

YX Stair Stepper is a compact and versatile step machine with hydraulic rods for home gym use, that comes with exercise bands that make it multi-functional to work your upper body and core area as well as your lower body like you’d expect from a stair stepper exercise machine with twisting action to help work your thighs and buttocks and giving you quite a challenging and deeper cardio workout, as it will get into those normally hard to get to areas and you will start sweating in a short period of time with your heart rate going up in just a few minutes. To achieve that great body you want you are recommended to dedicate about half an hour of your time every day, while generally eating healthy. It works very quietly so you can comfortably speak on the phone, watch a show or movie or listen to your music while working out so you don’t get bored and go for longer. This is a lower impact workout that will not exert too much pressure on your joints or bones and you will get a nice overall workout by moving up and down in side to side motion, simulating the real stair climbing with the way your legs are positioned on its pedals. There is a black resistance knob at the rear underneath that lets you adjust the motion range- change the level of difficulty.

YX Hydraulic Rods Twisting Stair Stepper Machine

YX Stair Stepper weighs 8.1kg (gross), measures 9 x 18.9 x 18.9 inches- is compact and has a small footprint that you can easily hide it in a corner and keep under your bed and looks nice in white, black and bright green. Some people have apparently not noticed this feature and think it works only at the lowest motion range, as it is shipped to you this way to save you on package space and you can easily adjust it. This is quite a durable product that is designed to last several years- has that sturdy and well-made look and feel to it with a thick heavy duty stainless steel bracket and base and is comfortable to do stepping on its oversized anti-slip massage pedals that will have your feet firmly in place when you’re working out and screw plugs will help prevent scratching during your exercise session. It feels just like a compact and portable elliptical trainer (if you’re familiar with them) with integrated tension adjustment, that you can move from room to room easily. Exercise bands are adjustable and will help work on shoulders, back, chest, triceps and biceps while squeezing the abdominals with your legs moving up and down and in a side to side twisting motion. It comes with an onboard electronic LCD display panel / smart computer that has the regular indicators like calories, time, count and rep count- duration and frequency. This is a nice looking, modern, multi-functional, versatile, efficient, solid and durable product at a fair price for what it offers.

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